"It Sickens Me"

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    Several times, I've heard a comedic reference to William Shatner saying, "it sickens me". I always thought this was just a joke from someone imagining something he would say, based on Shatner's reputation for being picky and hard to work with sometimes. In an episode of "The Simpsons" called "Lisa's First Word", one of the Flanders boys hugs Bart and he says, "Please don't hug me...it sickens me".

    I could tell from the way Bart said the line that he was doing a Shatner impression, but it wasn't until I heard "Don't tell me how to do the line...it sickens me" on the latest episode of "Futurama" that I thought it might be something Shatner actually said. Now that I've looked it up, I was able to find an actual clip of Shatner saying, "Don't tell me how to do it...it sickens me".

    Apparently a director was giving him suggestions and he didn't like it. :lol: Shatner is hilarious. What I'm wondering now is, does anyone know the context of Shatner saying those words? Is it from the same session as the infamous "Sabataage" run? I'm not sure because I've heard a clip of that on Youtube, but there's no "it sickens me" in it. Can anyone inform me of the 'sickened Shatner' origin?
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    Well.. I say "sabotaaaaage."
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