Is there an episode that made you shed a tear or cry?

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    Kirk's "death" in Amok Time
    The end of "This Side of Paradise", when Spock says, "...For the first time in my life, I was happy."
    The end of "The Paradise Syndrome", where Miramanee dies.
    Kirk losing _____ (Pick a family member)
    Spock's death:wah:
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    Even though not much of the original TV Enterprise was in the movie refit, you are correct..this was the ship that travelled to Talos IV, that left the galaxy several times, that battled the Doomsday Machine, and so much more, the setting for all the adventures of the TOS crew. It is natural that we would think of it as another beloved character and not just a piece of hardware.
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    I think the ending to Charlie X was very sad.
  4. Spockkirk

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    Jan 1, 2014
    I always wanna cry when Spock dies and I was on the verge of tears when Bones was dying during The Epatah {sp} movie
  5. Kamdan

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    This Side of Paradise springs to mind as well. For me, it was when Spock said, "I love you... I can love you." It was such a great feeling to see him embrace that side of himself fully for the first time. Reminds me of when I first said that to a girl.

    I also gotta admit it was a bit emotional when Spock finally lashed out in anger when his best friend, Kirk, was taunting him with insults he had to endure as a child, only this time he was an adult that could fight back instead of just cry over it with a mother desperate to embrace him, while his father fobid it. Damn you Abrams for not understanding that when you tried to do the same thing in your film!
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    Spot-on! :techman:
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    Nope. As a kid, I was in it for the adventure. By the time I was old enough to appreciate the nuances, everything was so well memorized, the emotional impact was drained out of the sadder scenes for me. Si, I'm also dead inside. Ah well.
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    Agreed on:

    Miramanee's death scene (yes, the music really makes it happen)
    Leila coming out from under the effect of the spores,
    Charlie wanting to stay, stay, stay....

    And also, in "Metamorphosis" when Nancy/The Companion is looking through Nancy's scarf. The symbolism was perfect: she had irreversibly changed.

    At those four moments, I've shed the fucking tear, man.

    The end of "All Our Yesterdays" always gives me a lump in my throat.

    Since we're discussing TNG episodes too, I've shed the tear was the end of "The Offspring". Not at Lal's death, though I was welling up, but when Data announced that he'd integrated her program, it just came gushing out.

    I've also shed the tear at the end of "Darmok", when Picard speaks the Tamarian language to Dathon's executive officer. That was a brilliant moment.
  9. EnsignHarper

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    Nov 6, 2006
    The end of 'Methuselah'

    Paradise Syndrome - the little ghost of a smile Spock manages for Leila.

    STIII - not so much the Enterprise blowing up, but the ending - played perfectly - truly a scene that Nimoy was the only possible choice to direct. The thing that gets me, is when the crew gathers around Spock, instead of the ENT fanfare, we get swelling up underneath, the end credits theme from TOS. Perfect!