Is the Galileo in the (spoiler) scene?

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    As you know, have been working steadily on restoring the original Galileo from 1966. I was told by a fellow fan that the Galileo 7 is visible in the "Enterprise falling" scene, when the shuttles are being tossed around.

    Given the history, I hope it was - a great Easter Egg - and in fact hope it was destroyed again. (Restoring the CGI version will be easier).

    Can anyone confirm it? And perhaps provide a picture? We are preparing for the dedication and i've love to confirm the reference in the newest movie.

    Thanks in advance,
    Adam Schneider
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    Mar 8, 2007
    I didnt spot the name on the shuttle, and I was looking for references to the Galileo (either 7 or 5)... Someone with better eagle eyes than me may be able to confirm either way.

    I did love that this time around the shuttles are designed to look much more like the original Galileo than the first movie.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of the restoration and hope one day I make it over to the States to see it in person!
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    I *think* the shuttle that falls down from the "shelf" in the shuttlebay during the fall sequence is number 7, although it was the same design as the one seen in the opening sequence and later when Scotty flies to Jupiter, and not the classic TV series version.
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    I saw the movie again today and was watching out for the shuttles.

    The shuttle that McCoy and Marcus used to land on the 'planetoid' was number 4 I think. I looked for a named and didn't see it. Just Enterprise and a big number.

    I'll confirm that it was a number 7 shuttle that tipped over on the flight deck and maybe a number 2. They're not writing their names in big letters like they did in the good 'ol days so I couldn't read the name either and it was very fast