Is my ship equipment bad for my level?

Discussion in 'Trek Gaming' started by James89901, Mar 5, 2020.

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    Feb 28, 2020
    I really struggled killing some voth ships on a level 61 mission of "patrolling" in the delta quadrant. It was called "enemies in all the usual places". It was the second wave of them that caused huge problems. I took out the first wave easily. Also the last wave was not too much of a bug deal. But yeah the second...

    I couldn't even face one of the battleships for longer than 5 seconds without being destroyed. I couldn't make sense of it. I'd never versed an enemy like that before. I literally had to wait for the cube to kill every single one of them. 5 seconds of the battleship's phaser beam completely destroyed my ship every single time.

    I have a Scimitar and this is my equipment:

    My weapons are:
    3 x photon torpedo mk IX
    Antiproton beam array mk X
    Ancient omni-directional beam array
    Resonating tetryon beam array mk X
    Phaser beam array mk IX
    Plasma beam array mk X

    Solanae resilient shield array mk XII (6865 capacity and 286 regen).

    Eng console:
    +12.5% turn rate
    +4.5 engine power setting

    Science console:
    +7.5% shield regen rate
    +15 starship shield restoration
    +20% maximum shield capacity

    Tac console:
    Cloaked barrage
    +16.9% tetryon damage
    +24.4% photon projectile weapon damage
    +13.1% phaser and disruptor damage and 26.2% radiation and photon projectile weapon damage
    +18.8% beam weapon damage.

    Like I can't find better equipment anywhere that I can actually buy at the moment. Surely the stuff I have is good enough for these level 60-65 missions right? Yet I got totally destroyed on that patrol mission to the point where I was going to abort until I realised the cube was actually slowly destroying them all.

    Maybe the aim of that mission was to let the cube do it's thing? I don't know. I certainly could do nothing to that second wave of enemies.
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    What tier is the ship? I’m not familiar with Romulan ships as I only play Fed. Did you pay for the ship? If not then it’s probably only tier 5. Tier 6 are the ones you have to pay for.
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    Feb 28, 2020
    Hmm, I think tier 5 maybe? Perhaps there 6 haha, I'm not sure. I payed for it though yeah.

    Can you not tell from my equipment if all of that stuff is good though? The difference between a tier 5 and tier 6 ship only seems to be a few thousand hull points. So it doesn't seem as though that would of even made much of a difference at all in that fight considering they stripped my shield and my hull in 5 seconds.
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    Tier 5 and below all have glass jaws. Tier 6 or nothing. 'Nuff said about that.

    As for your equipment loadouts, the more you play the game the higher the chances of filling out your slots with all base-level XII modules. Sometimes you can get lucky enough to find "Ultra Rare" XII's or "Very Rare" XIII. IX's and X's are like spitballing an M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank. It just doesn't work and you're only frustrating yourself in the process. Keep playing and replace as they show up. Don't even bother trying to sell them on the Exchange. Nobody wants them. Send them to the replicator for EC's and move on.

    Go into the "Duty Officers" section and start leveling up your R&D area. Focus on Engineering, Science, Shields, etc. Try to get them all up to around level 10. This will allow you to build "Upgrade" modules that will send your Level XII equipment up to XV. If you're lucky you can get things up to "Ultra Rare" XV and, if you're EXTREMELY lucky, you can get "Epic" XV equipment, which are top-of-the line. Do this to all weapons, the shields, deflector, impulse engines, warp core, and all consoles. You get XV's in everything on a Tier 6 ship, and you'll find yourself moving loud & proud.

    Just don't ever do an "Elite" PVE TFO. That's the quickest way to burn Icarus' wings. A very humbling experience, unless you happen to have a FLEET Tier 6 ship and "Epic" Level XV EVERYTHING. PVP TFO's are also a big gamble, if you happen to not be on the side with a couple of said FT6/E-XV fleet operators, they will proceed to clean your chronometer.