is "Into Darkness" Quinto's last as Spock?

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    I'm not seeing your point? The audience already had seen Trek '09 when Avatar premiered, so, they could decide to see the movie or not knowing "Uhura" was in it. Are you saying if Avatar was made a little later they would've chosen someone else to play Zoe Saldana's part?

    And what about Kirk's daddy Chris Hemsworth? He went to star in Thor, and in Avengers. Was his part in Trek '09 too small for his future career to be doomed? Additionally, a Horror movie (Cabin in the Woods) Chris Hemsworth made before any of those was released after Star Trek and Thor that doubled it's budget in Box Office, likely helped by Chris Hemsworth's roles in Trek '09 and Thor
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    I'm saying that ST09 and Avatar were released in the same year therefore filming and production of both movies likely occurred at the same time. James Cameron couldn't have not chosen Saldana for his movie because at the time ST09 wasn't released. ST09 was Saldana's breakout role in to the mainstream. Most people recognize her from her small part in POC: Curse of the Black Pearl and playing a lesbian opposite Mila Kunis in After Sex, but was pretty much an unknown at that part. ST09 hits in may of 2009 and everybody identifies her as Uhura. December of the same year Avatar is released in theatres. Another big blockbuster which furthered her notoriety. Two big movies, two break out roles in the same year independent of eachother. Saldana's work in ST09 didn't land her the job on Avatar. No,filming for Avatar was already completed before ST09's release.
    I never said anything about doomed careers and yes Chris Hemsworth's role in ST09 was small. Dying in the first 5 minutes in all. What i was saying is as actors the cast of the new Star Trek films probably don't want to hang around for the once in 4 year Star Trek movie. Yes their guaranteed successes but they want to be known for more than playing these iconic characters. It's just that ST09 didn't skyrocket them all in to super stardom and movies since that ST09's release have been hit and miss for the cast.
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    I think it's more likely that any hint of his quitting is just a negotiating tactic for a raise. He seemed way too excited about landing the role to ever give it up. Especially since he seems to have no trouble getting other work in between films.
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    Quinto qonfirms he'll be back for Star Trek XIII:

    "Of course I wouldn't leave," he said. "I've had an incredible experience working with J.J. and that ensemble of wonderful actors, who are now wonderful friends. I would never willingly walk away from that." Asked how many more "Star Trek" films he's obligated to be a part of, the actor responded, "Just one more. Just one more."