is babylonian 5 any good

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    the cheering throngs were there, I just had to keep them quiet until we left the store. Also, my first time at the store I found a complete set of Ravenloft books that I ended up making an obscene profit from.
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    Or how about this.

    Don't start with In The Beginning, but if you find your interest in the show waning during Season One and you're thinking of not finishing it, then watch In The Beginning.
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    Or just quit !

    I've seen it all, and don't regret it, but it's not that great.
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    In the lap of squalor I assure you.
    Or you could just buy a large bottle of Vodka and make a game out of it with some friends. Okay looking at a the rules: a VERY large bottle, or a VERY small shot glass.

    The Babylon 5 Drinking Game.


    • Recite the introduction along with Sinclair, Sheridan, etc. Drink once each time you screw up.
    • Yell "Incoming!" and drink once when a blue jump point or jump gate opens.
    • Yell "Outgoing!" and spit (or pretend to) when a yellow jump point or jump gate opens.
    • When a character drinks alcohol, you drink. If a toast is offered, repeat the toast.
      • If the toast is "Valtoo!" take an extra drink.
      • If the drink is a Jovian Sunspot, take an extra drink.
      • If the character is Minbari, chug.
    • Drink once when a Psi-Cop appears.
    • The first time that Lyta Alexander appears on-screen, yell "I'd do her!" regardless of your gender and sexual preference. Whoever says it first wins. Everyone else takes one drink.
    • As above, with "Danger, Will Robinson!" for Lennier.
    • As above, with "It's the One-Armed Man!" for G'Kar.
    • As above, with "Dorfman!" for Vir.
    • Drink once and toast the "Great Maker" when JMS's name appears onscreen.
    • When Garibaldi refers to his nth favorite thing in the universe, drink max(5-n,1) times. Double that amount if we actually see the nth favorite thing.
    • Drink once when someone besides Ivanova exhibits characteristically Russian pessimism.
    • Drink once when Vir takes a stand against someone in a more powerful position (e.g. Londo, Morden).
    • Drink once when anyone imitates Londo.
    • Drink once when a character has a waking dream, vision, premonition, etc.
    • Drink twice if a situation causes a character to recall a waking dream, vision, premonition, etc.
    • Drink once when any of the following characters appear on-screen or are referenced by name in dialogue:
      • Zathras
      • Draal
      • General Franklin
      • General Hague
      • Brother Theo
      • Clark
      • "The First Ones"
      • Lord Refa
      • Nagrath
      • Rebo and Zootie
    • Drink once when Delenn describes a Minbari ritual. Take an extra drink if she does not use the words "It is a tradition among my people" or a variant thereof.
    • Drink once when Delenn recites the following dialogue, or a variation:
      I am grey; I stand between the candle and the star. We are grey; we stand between the darkness and the light. ​
    • Drink once when Lennier kicks some ass.
    • Drink once when Lennier acts inappropriately for a member of the religious caste (e.g. riding a motorcycle, modeling a bikini, or playing poker).
    • Drink once when a Drazi uses the word "purple" or "green". Yes, every time.
    • Drink when a sector of B5 is mentioned in dialogue.
      • Take a second drink if it's a brown sector, and a third drink if it wasn't a security officer mentioning it.
      • If it's a green sector, yell "Purple!" All but first person to do so take a second drink.
    • Drink once whenever Centauri genitalia are mentioned, or appear on-screen.
    • Drink once whenever G'Kar's sexual habits, preferences, or talents are mentioned.
    • Drink once when the Book of G'Quon is abused.
    • Drink once when a legislature or other ruling body is dissolved.
    • Drink once when any race's homeworld is seen from space. Don't forget about Earth or Z'ha'dum!
    • Drink once when it's pretty clear that somebody is totally naked, even though you can't tell for certain. Twice if it's somebody from the opening credits.
    • Drink once when Bester turns a personal insult into pleasant conversation (e.g. "A piƱata? So I'm filled with toys and candy and smiles for children?").
    • Show respect for the dead. For each funeral service performed, stand, uncover, and drink a toast to the departed.
    • Drink once when any of the following is mentioned in dialogue:
      • G'Quon (twice for G'Quon Eth)
      • Illegal orders
      • The chain of command
      • Civilian targets
      • Weapons of mass destruction
      • Earthdome
      • Ultraviolet priority
      • Gold channel
      • Sector 14
      • Orion 7
      • Io transfer point
      • Zeta Squadron
      • Universe Today (twice if it appears onscreen)
      • Spoo (twice if it is "fresh")
      • Flarn
      • Code 7R
      • Quantinium-40
      • The Kha'Ri
    • Drink once when the Great Machine appears onscreen or is referenced in dialogue.
    • Drink once when someone quotes literature. If anyone can identify the author or work, everyone else takes an extra drink.
    • Drink once when the Zima sign appears onscreen.
    • Drink once when a link or Babcom beeps at an inconvenient time.
    • Drink once when Kosh's ship appears on-screen.
    • Drink once if a C&C Tech appears outside of C&C.
    • Drink once if Babylon 5's blast doors close. Drink twice if they should be closed, but nobody thinks to order it.
    • Drink four times if a character listed in the opening credits dies.
    • Drink once whenever somebody says that humans build communities. Drink twice if it is actually relevant.
    • Drink once whenever somebody mentions that there are races millions of years older than our own. Drink twice if it's someone other than Delenn.
    • Drink once for each line Kosh speaks.
    • Drink twice when Kosh appears outside his encounter suit.
    • Drink once when anyone asks, "Who are you?" or "What do you want?"
    How will it end?
    In the toilet.
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    I love B5! It's such a funny show. I think my fave moment must be "sex human style".
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    jms himself doesn't have a problem with watching "In the Beginning" first, although it's situational:
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    It turns out the entire library system in my city of 4.25million is online. The Psi-Corp trilogy is listed but there are 0 copies in the system. The techno-mage trilogy is not listed and neither is the Centauri trilogy. So even if I was willing to sign up a relative under a different address in order to sneak back into the system and borrow books the books under discussion would not be there.

    DaleJKim you asked about these books in comparison to DS9 relaunch. Much as I enjoyed relaunch (and I think it offers some of the best of Treklit) the techno-mage trilogy is far better writing, novels that stand on their own as great science fiction.
  8. Fruitcake

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    inside teacake
    I paid about 20 for one of them and got lucky with the other rare one. I've had my name down at a couple second hand bookshops in my area (very small places.. the size of half a garage) in case they get Bab 5 books in but no one has ever called.

    On another note I see that The Quiet Earth which sells for around 200.00 on ebay is coming to Kindle in July :D
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    My stupid library is insufficient to my expectations too.

    The overnight delivery service exists, the catalogue consumes all, but as stj kinda almost said, even the best librarians can't restock shelves with books that don't exist.
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    Babylon 5 is among the best of television shows, but it is most definitely a novel. Each episode is a chapter and, while there are a handful that are technically irrelevant, it is best experienced by watching it from beginning to end in order.
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    I was fortunate enough to be onboard in the Fandom, including the books as they were being released, so, I was able to get them for retail before they dried up
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    Hmm. Good thing for me that I bought them when they were new, clearly.
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    Is it? I own a copy of The Quiet Earth - have to re-read it.
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    After watching 15 episodes of Arrested Development yesterday, I'm kinda interested in what Senator Vondreau, played by the outstanding Jessica Walter, was doing in/during the Clarke Administration?

    Was she murdered in the night of the long knives or was she holding a knife?
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    I'm probably the only person on Earth who still thinks of Jessica Walter as Morgan Le Fay in the original Doctor Strange TV-movie:

    "I am Ishtar, bloody Ishtar!"
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    In the lap of squalor I assure you.
    I've had that movie for years, but I'm afraid to watch it.
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    What I always tell people about Babylon 5:

    If you watch season one, you might want to watch season two.

    If you watch season two, you will want to watch season three.

    If you watch season three, you will threaten bodily harm against anyone who tries to prevent you from watching season four.

    If you watch season four, you might as well watch season five.
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    I loved it as a teen, although I suspect it hasn't aged well.
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    What the !#%* does that mean? Season five is still part of the story, and a damn good part at that.
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    In the lap of squalor I assure you.
    Babylon 5 was cancelled.

    Everything was used up, tied off and delicious.

    Then WB surprise reversed the cancellation and JMS was caught flatfooted with no story left to tell.

    Season 5 is a come back from the dead frakking zombie.

    I'm Glad this happened, because otherwise season 4 would have sucked as all the Earth stuff would have been held over for season 5...

    Unless they could have used up an entire episode per planet in the solar system they had to kick the shit out of through so that they could get their foot squarely up Clarke's drooping bunghole?