IPCC 2013 report drafts leaked

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    Robert Maxwell

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is not releasing their next report until late next year, but some draft versions are already circulating. In summary, the predictions aren't changing that much, though they are becoming more precise.

    Greater sea level rises are anticipated, but fewer strong storms and droughts.

    Highlights from the article:

    It's certainly a mixed bag, though obviously no one knows for sure just what a global temperature rise of 3 degrees over 200 years will do.
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    The draft finally gives mention to solar forcing, which correlates well with past climate changes where we have isotope data, but then the authors say they don't like some of the theories to explain the magnitude of the effect, and thus discount the effect. IPCC science - backwards as usual. We might as well go back to Aristotle. "We don't understand the mechanism, so we'll pretend the observations don't exist."