Instead of Unification, we could have had...?

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    I recall reading an article years ago (probably fairly soon after "Unification" aired in November 1991) which stated that the producers/writers of TNG pitched several ideas to Nimoy when he announced his willingness to appear on the show (to basically promote the upcoming release of TUC). He chose the premise which became "Unification."

    Anybody else recall this? If true, any idea what other plotlines were presented to Nimoy?


    Sir Rhosis
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    I read that Unification was Michael Piller's sole premise and he regretted not doing a sci-fi mystery instead of another political show.

    Years earlier when Tracy Torme worked on TNG he wrote an outline where Spock came back through The Guardian of Forever. There would have been two Spocks in that episode, one from the movie era and one from Picard's time.
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    This was a really dreadfully dull story that wasn't worth Spock returning to the screen. A little bit of running around caves, and then a bunch of standing around doing nothing in an office. Was that really the best they could come up with?
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