Instead of being cancelled why wasn't ENT moved to SciFi?

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Enterprise' started by Sheridan, Aug 23, 2008.

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    Yeah, I was worried Steve Carrell would miss the point by *That* much...
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    You're not telling us anything new.

    Please do yourself a favour and don't see it. You'll never know what you missed. But don't complain if we see it, and maybe even love it. :bolian:
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    So, maybe I didn't make it clear upthread. Conduct discussion of the new movie in the appropriate forum, please, or I will have to either move this thread or close it down. Considering the weird hybrid "1/2 about the topic at hand and 1/2 off-topic arguing about the new movie" this thread has become, I would probably have to close it. I still think there is discussion to be had here and people do seem interested in the actual topic, so please keep it on said topic, okay? Thank you, that is all.
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    ENT being moved to Friday nights wasn't what killed the show although its clear the new timeslot didn't help. The show was pretty much dead on arrival at that time slot.

    Paramount's parent company, CBS, had let it be known that the decision that season 4 would be ENT's last, hell, Star Trek's last, al least for the foreseeable future, had been made before the move to Friday nights.

    And if I recall correctly, and I may not, ENT's Friday night ratings were at least the equal of the Stargates (or pretty close). L&O and Monk of course, are entirely different animals.
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    ENT was pretty much killed during the middle of Season 3, but Paramount wanted to bring the final episode count to about 100 for syndication purposes, so we got S4. Nothing was going to save Enterprise after that point, short of the show magically getting >6.0 ratings.
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    ^ Agreed. And it's too bad. I think Enterprise is a lot more entertaining than the movie of the week or Flash Gordon.
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    Actually, it was said the USA Network was actively interested in picking up the show (as were local stations who said they' love a package like what Paramount did for first run TNG and DS - but Paramount no longer had a first run syndication division) ; where Sci-Fi said it might look into it, were the show offered; but Paramount didn't want to shop the show - at that time (as was stated above by others) Paramount felt it had enough episodes of 'Star Trek' across the 5 series, and was not interested in continuing to produce any more.
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    I also kind of remember something about how Spike was interested in picking up ENT, too (this was back when they still actually wanted to have Trek on their channel). That would have been the easiest route to go, since Spike and UPN were both owned by Viacom at the time. Oh well... :(
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    several different companies including the inhouse spike and usa put out feelers as well as turner broadcasting.
    turner was the most vocal with one vice president ridiculing the decision to kill a show that was long term showing a profit.

    but moonves possibly for reasons related to soon to happen spilit of viacom wanted the show dead and for sure didnt want it to go another part of viacom controlled by his rival

    the show at the end of the third season for the first time since the start of the second season was on an upswing in the ratings.
    zero hour pulled in more people then the previous year expanse did.

    really the big thing that hurt enterprise that has since changed is how the ratings are counted for a show with muliple showings.
    at different times it was said the weekend broadcasts pulled in a sizable number of people . believable considering how often the during the week broadcast was premempted for some sport thing since the local stations knew they still had the weekend showing of enterprise.

    but i dont know if sci fi really wanted but if they had been able to look in the future and seen how the reruns would at times have better ratings then first run bsg episodes.
    yeah i suspect they would have loved to have three first run years of the show.
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    Mattjc let me ask you an honest question. IF this movie is hugely successful and the Star Trek franchise does get a reboot and we all benefit by more movies, series, and merchandise..... What difference does it make?
    At this point Trek is pretty much dead, unless someone does something. JJ is trying to do just that. Can't you give him the benefit of the doubt, until we see the movie?
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    I don't see how I personally could benefit from this reboot or the next reboot or a sequel to Abrams' reboot. You and other fans who welcome a reboot might benefit, but I won't. As far as I'm concerned, Trek IS dead for me period.
    All I have left are the DVDs and reruns on TV, the conventions and if it ever leaves the west coast, I got the Star Trek Tour as well. That's all I got to say about that for now.
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    Let's keep this thread focused on Enterprise please. This isn't the appropriate forum to be discussing the movie.
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    Having just rewatched TATV yesterday, I'm reminded how that episode was intended not just to end ENT, but all of Trek.
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    Do you have a link to this?
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    Well, someone really needs to tell MattJC that. He seems to need to turn every thread toward his one-note "anti JJ" agenda and frankly it is beyond tiresome.
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    Posts, not poster, please. Yes, MattJC has been informed.
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    i will try and find it .
    but here is one of the quotes about spike..

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    It wasn't offered to SciFi, and SciFi couldn't afford it anyway.

    If Paramount had any interest in moving ENT to SciFi they would have done it in the 4th season. SciFi would have gladly paid the lower than usual license fee that was charged that season, and ENT would have been part of a more compatible lineup of shows (Stargate or BSG instead of being paired with reruns of the Top Model show).
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    to save money they could have gone to all cardboard and paper mache it an homage to TOS.
    Ok, so it would never happen but it would have been AWESOME for an episode or two.
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    Replace Travis with a cardboard cut one would notice for a few episodes.

    Other ways to save money:

    Have Trip stuck in on a shuttlepod or soundstage "planet" with a guest star every other week. Like they did in season 2. :p

    Have all the guest parts actually played by the series regulars. They did that on DS9 for like a whole season's worth of episodes. :shifty:

    Recap everything noteworthy that happened in the entires series before the opening of each episode. That should shave off 1 or 2 minutes

    Changing the opening credits cop-show style, with exciting montages from older episodes that promise a lot but deliver nothing since the reduced budget prohibits much action. (Much like most cop/detective shows were.)