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    Feb 12, 2010
    An article by Ryan Riddle over on was posted this week. In the article, he talks about being a member of this Trek BBS forum and his struggle with drug addiction and how Star Trek and the friends he made because of Star Trek helped him through.

    To Ryan - if you are reading this, you've been through what some people would consider a no-win scenario. I can't imagine what that must have been like. And yet you came through and even wrote an article about what happened.

    Way to Boldly Go, Ryan!
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    good article .. It is like something I am going through today.. and have been thru == it is good to see things like this .. and that we do get thru these types of feelings... :) it is difficult to explain my personal situation but we all have personal stories, not all of ours is like this by my story and this story seem very similar .. you know == I "was" depressed with major depression since 12 years old till about 52 yeah == 40 years on edge of suicide ...with all the trimmings and such, but now like 2-3 year of not being suicidal each other day/nite - it is really weird and strange but .. really good as well.. something I had gotten used to.. -- that sorta became my lifestyle that I broke out of after 40 years .. so yeah I heard someone say well after 10 years of being suicidal it is about time to really finish off.. well I did not go that way and stayed alive..--- and I am happy now really doing good and feeling good--- it is so so strange not being on that edge anymore but.. it is really good too to be well and --- doing things I like. :)

    thanks for posting this article === I would not of read it had you not posted it. ---

    Peace Love.
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    Really nice article, thank you for posting it.

    Boldly go Ryan and also boldly go you, Bill. :hugegrin:
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