In which order should I read the Star Trek: Voyager-books?

Discussion in 'Trek Literature' started by faithhopelove, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. faithhopelove

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    Jun 21, 2014
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    I was thinking about reading them in the same order as Wikipedia has placed them. They have them in the same order as they were published with the exception that they've put the relaunch novels after all the other ones.

    But as I looked a bit closer I realized that the order in which the books were published doesn't necessarily mean the same order as the events take place in. For example does books 7 and 8 (Ghost of a Chance and Cybersong) take place in year 2372 while book 9 (The Final Fury) takes place in december of the year 2371. But maybe that doesn't matter so much at all or what would you say?

    In what order would you choose to read them in?
    When would you read the books that are published after Endgame but that aren't a part of the relaunch-books?
  2. borgboy

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    Publication order is pretty safe, and that's my preference for the first read, but I also like knowing the chronological order, and may re read that way.
    This site is excellent for putting the novels in order:
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    Completists who keep pace with the books as they are published read them in publication order, and they were written to be enjoyed that way. Coming to the books late, you have some additional flexibility to read in chronological order if you prefer.

    Keep in mind that, if you have a MMPB reprint of a hardcover, then its publication date will be about a year out of date.
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    I will admit that reading the books chronologically has been fun. Though I witched to Publication order after Destiny because of the amount of overlap between events in terms of chronology amongst the Typhon Pact novels.

    I think I may pursue the pre-relaunch Voyager novels once I'm current with the 24th Century range. (Though I wish I had taken the gamble and read String Theory before Eternal Tide.)
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    Keep in mind that that page only includes novels which have ties to the Litverse, so most of the early, standalone Voyager books aren't listed there. Eventually I will add a feature that lists all the books in chronological order. If only there were 30 hours in each day.

    Yes, I think String Theory is a pretty important part of the Voyager "Relaunch" at this point.
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    Sep 3, 2005
    String Theory is really good too! If you're going to read anything set during the TV series run, that's what you should read.