I'm so happy!

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' started by Flying Spaghetti Monster, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. Flying Spaghetti Monster

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    Jul 18, 2006
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    I used to have the massive volume called the Deep Space Nine Companion, but I read over it so much... brought it everywhere. Somehow, years ago, I lost track of it.

    Looking at it on ebay, it has become quite expensive.

    But tonight I found a copy! About $30 (including shipping)

    Yeah, I treated myself for Christmas.
  2. Tosk

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    Jan 7, 2001
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    This is pretty sad to admit, but I bought two copies back when it came out. I have read one of them literally to pieces though, so I'm actually glad I did.
  3. DS9forever

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    Oct 3, 2007
    I've been hoping Pocket Books might release an eBook edition but no word yet; the TNG Companion has been out as an eBook for about a year.
  4. RandyS

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    Nov 9, 2007
    I'm still waiting for an ENTERPRISE companion, but have long since given up hope that there will ever be one.

    That said, yes, the DS9 book was great.
  5. Gary Mitchell

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    May 16, 2001
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    I liked my DS9 Companion so much that it was getting a little dog-eared. Luckily I spotted one in the bargain table at Barnes and Noble for $5 about five years ago. I took it home and shrink-wrapped it.
  6. tomalak301

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    Mar 2, 2003
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    I haven't opened the DS9 companion in a while, but when I was doing a rewatch when the DVDs first came out that book was so useful. I might even crack it open again if DS9 comes to Blu Ray as we all will be doing a DS9 rewatch when that happens.

    BtW, I've been thinking about getting the TNG companion book (Maybe as an e-reader if I get a tablet). Does anyone have that book and is it good?
  7. SpHeRe31459

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    Apr 9, 2013
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    It's very good. It was the reference to TNG episodes before the web became ubiquitous. But has been rendered somewhat less potent since Memory-Alpha has included most of the info from it.
  8. Pondwater

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    Jan 27, 2011
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    I still have mine. It's one of the best companions. Although, the Voyager one is pretty good too.