If you found yourself aboard the Refitprise during TMP...

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    Re: If you found yourself aboard the Enterprise during TMP...

    But none of it has anything to do with what I said.
  2. Nerys Myk

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    ME: Admiral! The probe is going to kill Lt. Ilia!!!!!

    KIRK: How do you know this?

    ME: I saw it in a movie once.

    KIRK: Security to the bridge.
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    Forget Ilia. I'd warn the Enterprise crew that Chekov is going to start screaming at some point. That'll give them plenty of time to avoid the bridge or synthesize some earplugs.
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    If they were able to lobotomise V'Ger, and use the engines of the ship it flew to Earth, to power their empire, no force in the Galaxy could stand in their way.