I officially began my journey through all Star Trek on October 9th...

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    Yep we have the moment the show would likely have ultimately led to the founding of the UFP and when we get to that moment they don't even bother to show it. They could even have something in the speech that motivatives Riker to do the right thing.
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    I have been keeping an eye on this thread since I discovered it months ago just for your reaction to TATV. I wanted to see if a new fan had the same reaction as we did when it aired.
    YUP.........you did. The thing that shocked me more than the episode itself was that Berman so badly misjudged the pulse of fandom. I remember before and after the airing he hyped it as a "love letter to the fans". Holllllllllly shit. Really. You kill off the most likable guy on the show and put the focus on characters from a completely different show?

    I was already pissed that the show was being cancelled just when it had started to be interesting to me, then they ended it like this. Yes I was insulted. Glad to see fresh eyes have the same take away!
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    I said out, dammit!
    To expand on my previous post now that Shal has seen it:

    IMHO, it insults:
    Fans of Enterprise
    (for focusing on TNG characters and shoehorning a random TNG episode into this series)
    Fans of TNG
    (for adding this incredibly lame subplot to a decent TNG episode and having two beloved characters act stupid)
    Fans of certain TNG characters (Riker and Troi)
    (mainly Riker, for suggesting he's so unsure of himself as to need to go playact in a holodeck simulation to come to a conscientious decision, and to waste such time during a critical shipboard emergency)
    Fans of Trip Tucker
    (For fucking killing him for really a stupid and random reason!!)
    Fans of a certain TNG episode
    (Pegasus was a decent, well-written episode and this lame shit didn't belong attached to it)
    Ron Moore
    (Who wrote Pegasus)
    Fans of good writing
    Good writers
    (Okay, I'm just getting sarcastic with those two)
    People with common sense
    (Who the HELL would think it's a good idea, in the middle of a critical emergency situation where your ship is trapped in an asteroid, to take 40 minutes off to change into a chef's costume and play-act in a historical drama, thinking it might help you make a decision? Who the hell, ever, has NEEDED to do such a thing to make a decision?? Has Berman or Braga? Is this how they think real people act in the service? This just helps convince me that neither of them has had any life experience outside of college.
    Science fiction
    (Okay, now I'm just being bitter)
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    So... after such a large Trek overdose, any thoughts on what your favorite Series, crew or actor is? Any episodes that stuck out? Good and bad.
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