I need Star Trek Fans!! (what better place!)

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    I think the Star Wars/Star Trek feud is mostly a myth, but if you want to read an amusing fictional account of this burning issue, check out GEEKTASTIC, a recent collection of short stories set in the worlds of fandom. The lead story involves a star-crossed romance between a Trekkie and Star Wars fan, who hook up at a scifi convention much to the horror of their respective cliques.

    Think "Romeo & Juliet" with Klingons and Jedi . . . .

    It was a cute story.
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    Gul Re'jal is suspecting she's on the wrong space
    I lot of people wrote "send me a PM" and Ineedtrekfans with her rank of Cadet cannot do it.
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    Personally, i hate Star Wars.
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    Who was I chasing?:confused:

    I was agreeing with Lokai. I was about to make the same point he did, but noticed he beat me to it.
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    lol my bad. I meant to respond to the last post on page 1, didnt even notice the second page. Just ignore my reply; doesn't make any sense when its not even pointing at the right post haha. And notice I'm using the quote function now lol
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    ahhh i see i see.

    fuck that I ain't giving her my email. unless she's hot. are you hot, Ineedtrekfans? lol
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    I don't like Star Wars, but it has nothing to do with being a Star Trek fan. I'm sure if I'd never seen anything related to Star Trek, I still wouldn't care for Star Wars. I saw the first four Star Wars movies and they didn't make much of an impression on me. I thought they were okay, but forgettable. I just think they aren't my kind of thing.

    The only Star Wars movie I truly hate is "Revenge of the Sith", probably because it's the only one I saw after I'd become mature enough to watch movies with a very critical eye (about the time I turned 20) rather than passively most of the time and I thought that movie failed on every level- acting, writing, directing, special effects, etc.