I know I'm late, but Cloverfield questions SPOILERS (duh)

Discussion in 'TV & Media' started by propita, Aug 11, 2008.

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    So I finally saw the flick, having bought the dvd.

    In the extras, it's mentioned that this was a baby, screaming as it was lost. How is that to be determined just be watching the film itself?

    Aside from the tanker getting tossed in the harbor and expository speculation, was there anything else to show/say that the thing came from the ocean and was of terrestrial origin?

    What the heck were those remora-type things and did they make people explode? And was that "all" they did?

    Or should I just watch it again with the commentary on?

    Other than that, I thought the camera-work worked better than in Blair Witch. And it was pretty touching, discounting any literary license about choosing to go into the zone of danger. So only Lily lived out of the group, I assume?
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    I can only answer one of those questions. If you watch the very end of the movie, which is the part that wasn't taped over in the amusement park, you can see the creature "splash down" in the background.

    I guess that it came from space was implied by that?
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    Well, it wasn't really that important to the film. Just an interesting little side note from the production team.

    Since the first time we saw them was when the creature was rubbing them off against a building, I'm guessing they were parasites. The exploding could've been the result of a desease they were carrying, or a chemical they were carrying to help them feed, like the anti-clotting agent carried in some animals saliva (vampire bats, mosquits, ticks, I forget which) that reacted badly with human biology.

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    FWIW, I recall one source that said this is indeed the case. They are parasites with an anti-coagulant designed to work on a host from a high-pressure, deep-sea environment. Thus this same chemical causes explosive hemorraging in biologically flimsy humans.
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    Saw the movie several weeks ago and it was decent but too be honest the ending was a little bit predictable (why did the heli pilot not turn away from the creature) and the camera thing got annoying after a whille.

    Great SFX though :techman: (3 out of 5 on facebook I gave it)
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    actually, it's supposed to come from the ocean depths and was disturbed by a satellite or something that crashed into the see, which is supposedly what's seen in the background.
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    This is the official explanation. I personally think the creature itself splashing down works better, and "feels" more correct with the movie. How plausible is it that a terrestrial land-walking creature would evolve in the deep ocean? Not at all, imo.