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    ^Agreed. "Middling" has always been one of my favorite words, though I haven't yet found a good excuse to use it.
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    It's that time again (namely, Nasat has too much of it on his hands time), since we've recently had two bleeding-edge-of-the-timeline novels, both of which I greatly enjoyed and gave "Above Average" reviews to, McCormack's The Missing, and Miller's Takedown. On top of that, the DTI came back for a wonderful short story, Bennett's The Collectors. :)

    In which we visit the far future and discover that what people living there really want is what they can no longer have. Having spared no expense, the Collectors open their grand exhibit to widespread alarm. Life will find a way, and if it doesn't you can just stick nanoprobes into it until it does. Lucsly and Dulmur return Tyrannosaurus to extinction, cementing their status as irredeemable villains in the eyes of the galaxy's ten-year-olds.

    In which Pulaski locks everyone from both the Khitomer Accords and the Typhon Pact into a room and subjects them to Pulaski, in an effort to scare them straight. The Romulans and Cardassians take steps toward peaceful reconciliation but refuse to tell anyone, because it's the Romulans and the Cardassians and they like these sort of games. Ro navigates through it all and finds the missing, but loses a Tzenkethi when she gives it away at the jumble sale; these People are always looking for a bargain.

    In which Riker, now a hypergenius, attempts to bring down the internet in an effort to save us from low-brow and exploitative web content. Sadly, he ends up making various clickbaity comments to Picard in an effort to explain his agenda, thereby undermining himself. Meanwhile, the world's greatest Romulan pushes the boundaries while battling his most fearsome and persistent enemy: his own crippling incompetence.
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    Lmao!!!! Brilliant!
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    Disconcerting errors in the Kir’Shara spark concern on Vulcan, with the revelation that Surak’s original writings supposedly contained such philosophical gems as PLEASE REVISE LAST CHAPTER, T’POL and V’LAS IS A POOPY-HEAD. Archer insists that it said something very different when he read it, and further points to the V’Las-sized footprints leaving the scene, the fact that the troubling passages are in V’Las’ handwriting, and the fact that V’Las is there in the room with them, smirking. Meanwhile, the Federation deploys its communist task force in an effort to destroy up-and-coming corporations and cripple planetary development.