How would you introduce someone to Star Trek?

Discussion in 'Star Trek - The Original & Animated Series' started by Scott Kellogg, Apr 10, 2021.

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    Or for Joe Normal, perhaps Today is Yesterday. Or even Assignment: Earth. Normals could relate to those.
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    I'd show them the first regular TOS TV episode actually filmed after the two pilots:

    "The Corbomite Maneuver"

    In my opinion it's the best episode of Star Trek, period. It's showcases everything Star Trek is about at its core in 50 minutes, and gives a good introduction to each of the main characters. If the person you're trying to get interested in Star Trek doesn't at least like something about this episode, then there's no point in showing them anything else Star Trek related.
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    Apr 13, 2021
    Balance of Terror is my favorite gateway.
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    The three I chose earlier this week -- "This Side of Paradise," "Amok Time," and "Metamorphosis" -- all have a certain advantage to new viewers: They don't require the suspension of disbelief that is required for episodes where the crew encounters aliens (humanoid or otherwise) who nearly all speak unaccented American English. "Paradise" explicitly involves colonists from Earth; "Amok" gives T'Pau from the older generation an accent but T'Pring and Stonn are more cosmopolitan and have learned to speak American; and "Metamorphosis" has the universal translator.

    (This kind of thing may make a difference to anyone encountering any Trek series for the first time, not just the original. Not everyone merely "accepts the convention.")
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    I wouldn’t introduce anyone to Star Trek. I’d assume that just like me in relation to other franchises, that person is curious enough at least to have read an article somewhere about Star Trek, looked it up on Wikipedia, possibly even watched “The Man Trap” on Netflix and decided they’re not into that sort of thing. Maybe one day they’ll continue with “Charlie X” and change their mind, but if not, no harm done. Star Trek can be good, but there are much better shows out there, which recommend themselves without anyone’s help.
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    “Blink” wait...what?
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    The Man Trap would get me into the series a lot more effectively than Charlie X.
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    Honestly, though, if I were gonna send a Regular Person to the series, someone who is curious about it, but never really checked it out, I'd just send them to The Trouble With Tribbles. It's funny, but everyone is in character. It has cute little fuzzies. It has Klingons. People looking at the series for the first time today would probably consider some of it a joke anyway, so kick it off with the comedy. Second choice would be The Squire of Gothos. Trelane is a great outsized personality and this is another one that's kind of feather light at times, but Kirk and Spock aren't being mobsters or trying to flood some androids with illogic.

    A had a friend in the 80's who blew off the show every time I mentioned it to him. "Nah, not my thing." Then his girlfriend dragged him to see Star Trek IV. He loved it. He got curious and went back to check it out and ended up being a franchise follower. Just give the normals the easiest door in and let them take the steps. Go by their personalities. When I met my wife, I tossed her The Menagerie. She loved it as an intro to the series.
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    I would introduce a newbie to Star Trek by showing them this Lost In Space episode. Then, even if they watched the worst TOS episode ever produced, they’d say “At least it’s not as bad as ‘The Great Vegetable Rebellion’!”

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  10. Scott Kellogg

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    Yes, but mightn't that create a Monster?
    I mean "The Great Vegetable Rebellion" may be horrible,
    but it has a good comedic music score by Alexander Courage.
    You might create a "Lost in Space" fan. and THEN what would you do...? :eek:

    Scott Kellogg
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    "Balance of Terror"

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