How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

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    The Australian release is earlier than elsewhere.

    How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
    The third movie based on the novels by Cressida Cowell. A year after the previous film, Hiccup and his friends have been raiding Dragon catcher barges to free Dragons, thus increasing the dragon population on Berk. This introductory sequence is an effective way to begin this film, setting the scene for what will happen. The dragon catchers have been suffering since Draco's defeat, but a new villain has arisen, the likes of which Hiccup and the rest of Berk are ill equipped to confront and are unaware is coming, until it is too late.
    Of course, the story isn't just about the threat of Gimmel and the dragons he has enslaved. It is also about relationships. Hiccup and Astrid. Toothless and the Light Fury. The Berkians and the Dragons. (Snotlout and Valka?) Ruffnut and Tuffnut. All these relationships play an important role in the plot (or provide comedic relief at relevant moments). Astrid being close to Hiccup allows her to encourage him at a moment when he is down, when it appears that Gimmel has won. The Light Fury's effect on Toothless is also an important plot thread.
    This is a very well written aspect of the film. But there are also the threat that Gimmel presents, and
    the eponymous Hidden World, where Dragons are supposed to come from. The former provides an impetus for Hiccup and the Berkians to seek the latter. The confrontation between Gimmel and Hiccup and the Dragon Riders in Hiccup's house, was rather well done. That Hiccup tried to be prepared, but still failed is a good set up for what would come later, and further establishes Gimmel as a threat.
    The visuals of the Hidden World are also good, with Hiccup and Astrid's escape with the help of Toothless and the Light Fury the topping on a very appealing cake. The final confrontation with Gimmel over the Berk Dragons was a very effective climax to this film, with Hiccup's determination driving the Riders. This is a very effective conclusion to the trilogy. 8.8/10.
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    Wow, you guys got it way earlier, usually with this kind of thing it's just a week or two at most.
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    Yeah, it won't be out here for another month. I'm looking forward to it. Saw the first in theaters, but missed the second until it came out on DVD, so I'll be sure to get out for this one.