How militarized should Starfleet be?

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    Apr 7, 2009
    I tend to like it a bit more militaristic. I really liked the cramped, uncomfortable feel in the Nick Meyer films. Added to tension and drama to those excellent films. I was never a big fan of the comfy and cozy Enterprise D and Voyager style ships. That said, I think there's room in the fleet for vessels more oriented toward war and those more oriented toward exploration. Because while I do enjoy the more militaristic aesthetic, I also like the more optimistic themes of the earlier shows.
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    Aug 20, 2009
    I think this is what we were seeing in 'Tribbles, the scene after the bar fight.
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    Trek has always been military from The Cage forward. While Enterprise may have muddied the waters by having Archer add "the military" MACOs to his crew for increased combat tactics porn it was always there. In corporate culture and mission focus it is just more USCG then USMC in operation

    Now I feel old. Back when all we had was the original 72 in syndication in the 70s that was the general consensus. Yet the first Trek computer game, played on the school mainframe I saw in 1979 was all about allocating power to shields, propulsion and weapons in a Trek firefight.:klingon:

    Just look at it this way a Starfleet ship is more of Air force aircraft then a Hornblower ship of the line in crew compliment. Now some Ensigns like Kim of Voyager are a bit more of a Ensign then other Lieutenants doing very basic task.