How many Operating Systems do you use on a regular basis?

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How many Operating Systems do you use on a regular basis?

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  1. Mark_Nguyen

    Mark_Nguyen Commodore Commodore

    Apr 24, 2006
    Calgary, Alberta
    An Apple fan was saying that he was proud of being a pure Apple experience guy, hating having to deal with more than one operating system. After pointing out he was using both iOS and OSX, I got thinking about how many I use in my daily life, and was wondering where you are on yours:

    Windows - Home desktop (Win7); Work Laptop & Workout Laptop (WinXP)

    Blackberry OS - Cellphone

    Android OS - Portable Media Player (Gingerbread); Tablet (Jelly Bean)

    Not counting whatever OS runs my car, home theatre, home applicances, or elevators of course. :P Other more common options I suppose include OSX, iOS, Chrome, Windows Phone, Symbian, and various Open OS flavours. What's your mileage?

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  2. Amaris

    Amaris Abiding Eos Premium Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    United States
    Windows 7 on my primary
    Ubuntu 12.10 on my secondary
    Android 2.2.1 on my tablet
  3. Mr. Laser Beam

    Mr. Laser Beam Fleet Admiral Admiral

    May 10, 2005
    The visitor's bullpen
    Only Apple. OS X (10.8.2) on the desktop machine, iOS (6.0.1) on the mobile devices.
  4. Robert Maxwell

    Robert Maxwell memelord Premium Member

    Jun 12, 2001
    Win7 at home, WinXP and Server 2003 at work, CentOS on my personal servers, Android Jelly Bean on my phone.
  5. Lindley

    Lindley Moderator with a Soul Premium Member

    Nov 30, 2001
    Bonney Lake, WA
    Ubuntu 12.04 on my work laptop
    XP64 on my work desktop
    Windows 7 on two home laptops

    I also have two older laptops at home that run OSX and OS9. The OSX one is suffering from hard drive failure so it doesn't do much right now (2006 model), and the OS9 one is just too slow for regular use (2002 model), plus it can't do WPA wireless.
  6. Gepard

    Gepard Vice Admiral Admiral

    Oct 20, 2007
    Mac OSX at home
    iOS on my mp3 player
    Windows XP at my office computer
    Windows 7 on the office server
  7. gturner

    gturner Admiral

    Nov 9, 2005
    DOS 6.22, Win ME, Win95, Win98, WinXP, Win NT, OS-9, (an old 68000 OS), IBM AIX (RS-6000) at work.
    Win 7 at home.
  8. Saturn0660

    Saturn0660 Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    May 16, 2001
    NE Ohio
    10.6 on my main mac.
    10.4 on my second mac.
    WinXP on my daughter computer.
    Android on my smart phone.
    iOS on my iPod touch.
    WebOS on my HP-Touchpad
    Whatever shitbox we use at work.
  9. Bisz

    Bisz Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Dec 20, 1999
    Ontario, Canada
    XP at work, OSX at home and iOS on the go.
  10. BillJ

    BillJ Fleet Admiral Admiral

    Jan 30, 2001
    Windows 7 and iOS.
  11. Dukhat

    Dukhat Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Dec 26, 2007
    Baltimore, MD
    Main computer: Windows 7
    HTPC: Windows 7
    MacBook Pro: OSX, duh ;)
    Audiobook recording computer: Win XP
    DVD-copying computer (former main computer): Win XP
    Computer 2: Ubuntu 12.10
    iPhone: iOS, duh
  12. Geckothan

    Geckothan Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Mar 7, 2009
    People's Republic of Britainistan
    On a regular basis, just a couple of flavours of Linux (I have Gentoo on my own systems, I maintain Fedora on a few relatives' systems, and I have a few embedded mostly non-GNU Linux devices that I fix with BusyBox when necessary), OpenBSD (on an old box, running a few services on my home network, e.g. CUPS, NTP, SMB), and Windows 7 (on its own HDD on my desktop, only used for a couple of games).

    I count that as three.

    I guess if I include things like phones, consoles, etc, I could add a few more to that, but it only counts for me if I'm actually getting stuck into the OS proper and not just using the weak end-user GUI as intended. I count all Linux distros together as well, as they're usually pretty much the same thing with a couple of variations in tools/services/versions and package management.
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  13. Santaman

    Santaman Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Jul 27, 2001
    Win7, Win XP, Win2K, Win98SE, Xubuntu 12/04 LTS, Puppy Linux.

    Not regular add Win95, Win 3.0, Win 3.11, IBM OS/2 Warp 3, IBM DOS 2000, MS DOS 5, 6.22, Atari TOS/GEM Desktop, Atari DOS/Basic, MSX basic, Commodore 64 Basic/DOS.

    Lets see.. yeah thats about it.

    I've also used systems with Windows NT and Novell Netware, PC BSD and some other obscure OS's.
  14. John Clark

    John Clark Commodore Commodore

    Jul 4, 2008
    On a regular basis, just Win7 and XP.

    For some old time stuff, I still have a computer rigged for Dos6/Win3.11 and I've got a portable Linux (not sure which version) setup on a drive somewhere.
  15. Jim Steele

    Jim Steele Vice Admiral Admiral

    Dec 2, 2004
    XP on the home PC, iOS 5.1 on the phone. Also use XBMC and the various console dashboards just as regularly.
  16. scotpens

    scotpens Vice Admiral Premium Member

    Nov 29, 2009
    Los Angeles, CA
    At home, Windows 7. At work, Mac OSX 10.5 for typesetting jobs (i.e., actual work); Windows XP on the crappy old computer I'm using now.
  17. Count Zero

    Count Zero Make our planet great again! Moderator

    Mar 19, 2005
    European Union
    Ubuntu 12.04 on my desktop, Win XP on my laptop, Win Vista at work.
  18. Chris3123

    Chris3123 Vice Admiral Admiral

    Jul 31, 2001
    Pensacola, FL
    Just Windows 7 on my desktop and iOS on my iPod Touch.
  19. little_chris

    little_chris Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    May 24, 2001
    Windows 7, Win Server 08, Android 2.3, Windows XP and RedHat on the work pcs.
  20. Ar-Pharazon

    Ar-Pharazon Vice Admiral Premium Member

    May 19, 2005
    An OT question: does Linux recognize Zip drives?

    Win7 does not and I have a dozen or so Zip disks I want to check for content. The drive is in my machine from the XP days & BIOS recognizes it.