How many games do you buy each month?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Wicca who Wonta, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. Wicca who Wonta

    Wicca who Wonta Vice Admiral Admiral

    Jun 24, 2006
    I buy about one game per month. I buy console games pre-owned but usually buy new PC-games.

    How many games do you all buy each month? Do you all buy new or pre-owned games?
  2. RoJoHen

    RoJoHen Awesome Admiral

    Apr 14, 2000
    QC, IL, USA
    I buy about 0.2 games a month. I just don't play games that often.
  3. PKerr

    PKerr Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Jan 14, 2003
    Tampa Fl
    I can't really break it down per month as some months have better releases than others but so far this year I've bought
    12 -15 games.
  4. Robert Maxwell

    Robert Maxwell memelord Premium Member

    Jun 12, 2001
    One, maybe two. And they are usually $10-15 games. Very rarely I might pay $20 or more. But that's more of a "once a year" kind of thing.
  5. John Clark

    John Clark Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Jul 4, 2008
    Nowadays, most months none.

    I'll then go grab a few, so it probably works out at an average of one a month.
  6. gh4chiefs

    gh4chiefs Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Nov 1, 2001
    Jefferson City, MO
    I probably average 1 a month. Lately I'm well over that average as I've recently purchased FO3 GOTY edition, Uncharted 2, Liberty City Stories, and today COD:MW2. But I probably won't buy another game now for some time.
  7. The Fatman

    The Fatman Captain Captain

    Sep 2, 2001
    Buffalo, NY
    I usually get 1 or 2 AAA titles a year between my systems. then, maybe if I have a little extra money, I'll pick up a Wii Ware title or a used game. Dating back to my NES days, though, I don't think I've ever picked up more than 6 games in a calendar year.
  8. -Brett-

    -Brett- Vice Admiral Admiral

    Jun 22, 2001
    Most months, none.

    Might be as many as three this month though.
  9. TheBrew

    TheBrew Vice Admiral Admiral

    Oct 19, 2001
    Fox Lady
    Around one every two months. Though I am a sucker and buy new, though I will probably get a used game next.
  10. JonathonWally

    JonathonWally Admiral Admiral

    Maybe one a month, after it all averages out.

    Let's see, this month so far I've traded in 4 games and got Wet and Ghostbusters, only ended costing me $5 out of pocket.

    Then I picked up Dragon Age, today was COD:MC2, next week will be AC2

    November is always game heavy, before the past 10 days the last game I bought was Batman in August and before that was Prototype in June I think?
  11. judge alba

    judge alba senior street judge Commodore

    Apr 7, 2008
    mega city 1
    about two or three per month very rarely will it be brand neww unless I now it's a good game. otherwise mostly preowned.
  12. Aragorn

    Aragorn Fleet Admiral Admiral

    Dec 30, 2002
    Whatever the number, it's more than I play. :lol:
  13. Geck

    Geck Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    May 22, 2000
    Sydney, Australia
    Saaaaame, I've only played about half of what I own. :(

    For the last couple of years I've bought probably two-three games a month on average, mostly used cheap ps2 games. Since I started playing WoW in August though I haven't bought anything since.
  14. Mr Light

    Mr Light Admiral Admiral

    Dec 7, 1999
    I probably buy like 4 games a YEAR and never new, I get them when they're $15-20.
  15. TrekNut87

    TrekNut87 Captain Captain

    Jan 23, 2007
    I'll buy 1-2 games a month. Most of them are new unless it's a game that's hard to find.
  16. crouteru

    crouteru Captain Captain

    Feb 24, 2008
    Probably at most one new game. I used to buy so many games two generations ago, they tended to sit on my shelf unplayed for months, or I'd play them and be disappointed. So now I'm just trying to buy games that I really know I want to play.
  17. Chaos Descending

    Chaos Descending Vice Admiral Admiral

    Oct 30, 2001
    Grand Canyon State
    I don't buy a lot of games. I tend to be very picky about which games I buy and then I play the same games for a long time.
  18. AnyStar

    AnyStar Captain Captain

    Sep 28, 2009
    Orbiting Planet Plastic
    umm, does that include online-gaming subscriptions? lol
  19. Jax

    Jax Admiral Admiral

    Jun 21, 2003
    A Dimension with no Cake!
    I have no pattern and will only buy a game based on price and if it interests me or had a good demo. Last game I brought was in October (OP Flashpoint 2) and before that was in September (Batman) and a larger gap before then (Dead Space) in late spring/early summer.
  20. BigFoot

    BigFoot Admiral Admiral

    Sep 27, 2001
    Slovenia (EU)
    It really depends on the month. Sometimes I go a couple of months without buying anything. OTOH, in November I'll get five games (all for the PS3): Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, Dragon Age: Origins, Assassin's Creed II, God of War Collection, InFamous (Platinum).