how many clone and/or robot pilots?

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    Are there out there currently? Any of them good. I guess nobody really knows what's in development. And when is the sci-fi gonna come out with the 'next great space opera' ie RHW' untitled thing. The ship is called the defender but 'Defiance' is another show, right? Is is any good. I didn't like farscape. Or Lexx. Too dark. Or even Andromeda for that matter even with the hot girls in cat suites I think quite literally. RHW may be a solid writer and a decent man but he doesn't know what he's doing. He has all the passion of a Vulcan. He's not a good show runner. He's boring and a team player which means he's in cahoots with the higher and lower ups and downs. He's another nebulous clueless guy like Braga except with without as big a brain. Andromeda was all over the place with no direction and it should never be because of the networks.
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    There's a whole thread right on the front page of this forum talking about sf/f tv shows in development.
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    Yes Defender and 'Defiance' are two different shows, I have no idea if and when Defender is supposed to premiere.
    Do you have a source for any of this? Since when does working well with other people make you "in cahoots" with the execs? Braga only stunk when he teamed up with Berman. RHW was fired from Andromeda after a year and a half into its run that explains why it was "all over the place".
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    I thought this would be a thread about Star Wars...
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    Not encouraging.