How long should you have tooth pain after getting fillings?

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    Monday afternoon I got a filling on a back tooth top left side and a filling on a back tooth bottom left side.

    The dentist thought we'd get away with both fillings without injectable anesthesia. We got the bottom one done that way, no problem. But the top tooth wasn't so great so we paused so he could get me the shots to numb it all up and then we proceeded and all seemed well and good.

    Eating supper that night after the anesthesia wore off, the top tooth that had been filled got a sharp pain when I bit down on food on that side of the mouth. Bottom one was alright. No pain of any kind when just biting down top jaw to bottom jaw.

    Now it's Thursday and I don't really get the same "pressure pain" when chewing on the left side, but if I DO chew using the left side, after going at it for a few minutes I start to get an aching and throbbing pain that lasts for longer than I like. (Yesterday, almost three hours).

    Now I understand you're inclined to say, "quit chewing on your left side", and yes, I get that, but I also can't do that forever and if this is normal I need to be able to see when it gets better.


    IS this normal? IS this something that ought to go away within a certain timeframe? Or do I need to get ahold of my dentist now and tell him to have a look and fix whatever might have gone wrong?

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    Were you prescribed any pain meds? (normally you would have been, or at least advised about what would be safe to take)

    You didn't say what you were eating, but I would suggest to eat soft foods and call your dentist. Some people take longer than others to recover from this sort of procedure.
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    I can only say that I have had this happen to me. One of my more recent fillings kept hurting for about two weeks, to the point where I was really worried that it would have to come out after all, but it dulled down over that time and eventually settled in. Haven't heard a peep from it since. That's not to say it'll be the same for you, but it definitely can happen.
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