How Dare They?

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    This topic is being discussed upon a modest private board I visit and of course, there's a good deal of resistance. But somehow, the discussion turned to one of, "What if it used the Muppets?" and suddenly it became a fun "round robin" of potential casting. The one role upon which everyone agreed was Sweet'ums as Fezzig. "I'm on the brute squad." "You ARE the brute squad!" From there opinions differed. Someone thought that Dr. Teeth could be Miracle Max with Janice as his wife. I countered she was just too laid back to fill Carol Kane's "long suffering" role. But the person suggesting such counter counterpointed that would be the beauty of the humor that she IS so laid back. Someone else suggested a pairing I admit might work better, Stadler and Wordorf. Their bickering and snide zingers make them nearly perfect for the dynamic. When it came to Vizzini (whoever played him) and the iocaine powder I suggested a work-around. Rather than it being a "killing" substance, it just puts the imbiber into a prolonged coma. The scene could play out much like the original. However, after the closing credits have finished, we'd cut back to Vizzini who finally awakens, only to ask, "What'd I miss?" as we then cut to black.
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    Marsden is very sad.

    I'd like either Gonzo or Pepe the King Prawn to be Vizzini.

    Maybe they can cast against type and have Kermit and Fozzie be the Prince Humperdinck and Count Rugen.
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    To really screw with the audience, Wallace Shawn of today, grey and wrinkled, sits up in full Vizzini garb, and asks "What'd I miss?"
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    Your ideas are good, but it's not up to one person to decide, especially one who has no voice.