Hasbro's Power Rangers era and General Tokusatsu discussion

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    I'm not sure I'd like that. There were only a couple of seasons before the very late '90s that I thought were all that good. The shows have gotten much richer since then.

    On the other hand, one of my favorite seasons with Naruhisa Arakawa as head writer was Dekaranger, which was basically done in the style of a '70s cop show, far more episodic than usual for Heisei-era Sentai, without even a single main villain group. So even a fairly basic formula can be done well with good character writing.
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    Zero-One episode 22

    Well it was pretty obvious who the real culprit in the trial was. There was no deep seeded mystery about that

    Gai's unleashed Pandora's box and he got whooped(which he deserved) While it's nice to see something finally make a dent in Thouser, it's clear that Aruto did not like what he was going through.

    Aruto's transformation into Metal Cluster hopper was horrific. The data looked like eerie ghosts or specters as he was screaming in pain. The Ark looked it was squeezing the life out of him

    This power-up is using some form of nano technology that can reform to almost anything.

    All the metal locusts flying everywhere, making weapons and spikes and shields and eating a Raid's armor.

    I loved how the show conveyed how Metal Cluster Hopper is dangerous by not having him move and yet whooping everyone's ass while showing what Aruto was going through inside the Ark.

    Ryuusoulger episode 45

    The endgame's shaping up pretty well here. The suitless roll call was nice, and TimeRed's actor got a lot to do. We've only got three episodes left to go, so I wonder how Ryusoul's going to wrap things up.

    Master Black used the Time Ranger morph pose. Nice touch, Koichi. There was alot of Koichi's trademark fight sequences with the flying on wires and explosions

    We now learn Eras temple is connected the trio’s village. When TankJou was sensing a great power inside the temple that was Eras. The sky temple that holds ryusoul caliber is above the village and Eras is sealed below it.
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    A pretty significant episode, as Aruto learns about the Ark and Gai's connection to the beginnings of MetsuboJinrai.net. And Aruto goes down a darker path than we've seen before. The trial story was almost peripheral; the attorney Bingo's role in the episode was more about the rather clever remote team-up he and Fuwa engaged in to expose the real criminal.

    I'm still frustrated by Yua's submission to Gai's orders. She's better than this. I'm hoping she sabotaged the Metal Cluster key in some way to let Aruto take control over it.

    Rather than digital data, it turned into kanji. I wonder what it said.

    It was rather alarming, but also really visually cluttered and hard to follow. Zero-One's last couple of forms have been ridiculously overpowered. Where can they go from here, when we're less than halfway through the series?

    I loved Izu cheering up Aruto at the end by requesting a "funny" joke. Izu is awesome.

    From the preview and the Wiki, it looks like Arisa Komiya's character is back next week, although she's transferred her affections to a character played by her old Go-Busters co-star Ryoma Baba.

    I like it when they do pre-henshin roll calls, but the roll calls in the middle of battle always strike me as unwise -- stopping to strike a pose for the camera should really leave them vulnerable to attack. Of course the roll calls are always contrived, and that's part of the fun, but these ones are pushing it.

    The surprise reveal of who was inside the "Saden" suit was a neat moment. Although seeing the flashback of how Master Black started impersonating Saden, I had to wonder... did he get his disguise by skinning Saden's corpse??? Eeeegh.

    Still no sign of Kureon, but the glimpse of him in next week's preview suggested he'll go through a pretty radical change.
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    Nothing but bad meaning. They're all just general "Everything is bad" kanji. Somebody on Riderwiki seems to have translated them


    • Killing
    • Evil
    • Evil
    • Pain
    • Destruction
    • Death
    • Death
    • Grudge
    • Fierce
    • Stupidity
    • War
    • Oppression

    Commercials from last weeks episodes. They contain a small preview for Kiramager

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