Has Fred Freiberger been misblamed for Season 3 over the years?

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    For those interested, the Space Opera Society just posted a completed re-edit/remastered episode of 1999 as 2099:

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    What's interesting about this is that they managed to take one of the below-average episodes and make it worse, by robbing it of its distinctive frightening imagery, in obscuring the shots of the (imaginary) human guinea pigs at around 24:35. Instead of "interpreting" those scenes, by washing-out/blurring them (or whatever the obscuring effects were) evidently to play up the made-of-light angle, they should have gone the other way, and made the exposed brain super-realistic (if feasible).

    Another thing: why not replace the static plots on various wall monitors around Alpha with dynamic displays? Although it's trivial, that seems like something relatively useful to do.

    If re-editing to improve things is the objective, then they dropped the ball here, by keeping the scene of lifting the Eagle command module to transport Koenig back to base at around 19:20: they had already moved Koenig to strap him onto the stretcher, so why the fuck was it necessary to do all that at that point?

    One other lost opportunity: the well-known image of Zenno wasn't really botched, thank goodness, but it wasn't improved either. TOS-R at least made the effort to improve this sort of matte shot, and they were generally successful in that.

    In the "coming next week" segment at the end, did they actually replace the Mark IX Hawks? Sacrilege!
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