Harry Potter relationships

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    Forgot to add, thanks for linking that article Alidar Jarok, good read.

    I wouldn't mind reading that actually, I'm sure there's at least one decent fanfic out there about it.
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    though I don't have an emotional bond with the series so I'd like to think it's more of a rational or artistic perspective.

    Let the books stand as they were written. They obviously struck a cord with countless people. They went far beyond their target audience. Respect that relationship people have with the book as it was and stop talking about it. How are people picking it up from now on supposed to interpret these relationships and characters?
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    I had hoped the extra space of two movies would have allowed for a scene or two, but it was not to be.
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    HP canon is a funny thing. The Ron Weasley Wikipedia artice has a big ol' picture of Grint front and center in the infobox, as most screen-based characters do, whereas Elijah Wood only appears at the end of the Frodo Baggins article. Something about the overlapping creation of the books and movies, as well as Rowling's light but important involvement in the latter, muddies the waters. I think most of us would say that Emma Watson "is" Hermione, say, in a way we wouldn't say that Dakota Blue Richards "is" Lyra Belacqua, even though Philip Pullman consulted on the Golden Compass movie also.


    Your emotions require some fine-tuning.
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    JK should just re-edit the books to suit her evolving ideas and release them as "Special Editions." Fans always love that sort of thing.