Harry Potter question. (Spoilers likely but so what at this point)

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    So I'm watching Deathly Hallows 1 today. I know the book and movie differ, but I don't think they differ regarding this.

    Snape hides the sword of Gryffindor's in the lake and sends his doe patronus to Haary to follow to the sword.

    While Snape could just have his patronus "find Harry and lead him to the sword," wherever he happened to be (a point I'm not sure of either), the sword was relatively near to where Harry was.

    In the movie (at least) the doe also led Ron back to Harry. Again, I suppose we are to assume Snape could tell his patronus to "find Ron and lead him to the sword"--that Snape did not take the chance that Harry and Ron were together. While Ron thought he was being led to Harry, he was actually being led to the sword, and Harry happened to also be there. Ron does say he followed the doe for a while--unsure how long--but he was led at least a distance while Harry was damn close to sword.

    Did Snape know where Harry was when he hid the sword that he was able to hide it so close? Otherwise, Harry could been running over hill and dale to find the thing, kinda like Ron did.
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    short answer: A Wizard did it

    Long answer: Dumbledoor's out-putter lead Ron to Harry and Hermione had a painting in her purse of holding of a Hogwarts headmaster that overheard her and reported to Snape. Thank you google.
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    Ah, I always have HP questions. FYI ~ I haven't read any of the books but have seen all of the movies numerous times and loved them all.

    Can someone, anyone explain all of the stuff that happens in the scene in Half Blood Prince where Harry is shown Dumbledore's first meeting with Tom Riddle? The only thing I think I understood was the 7 seven stones (symbols for the horcrux'?) and the photo of the little island where Harry and Dumbledore find what they mistakenly think is one of the hocux'.

    But after Dumbledore starts the magic fire in the wardrobe, how does he know that there are stolen items inside? What is the one word expletive Tom shouts after the teacher introduces Dumbledore to Tom? It sounds like "GO", or some such.

    In Order of the Phoenix, what was the significance of the prophesy to Valdemort? He seems to at all times be aware that Harry is a danger and he (Valdemort) must personally kill him (and about the similarity of their wands), so what difference would his having the prophesy have made?

    Thanks for any light that can be shed.
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    The prophecy was of little to no value, it was just that the good guys made him think there was more value to it so to get him to send someone to take it. It was a lure and trap to get some Death Eaters and maybe Voldemort himself, and it worked.
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    Not exactly, the First Part of the prophecy was self fulfilling.

    It said that a specific boy was going to kill the dark lord.
    But the description fit 2 boys, Harry and Neville.
    He decided that Harry must be the one, so went and tried to kill him First which backfired and created the new hidden horcrux.
    So Voldemort set the fulfillment of the prophecy in motion himself.
    Because of this Harry was later able to kill him by sacrificing his life and Voldemort destroyed the last Horcrux himself.
    One cannot live while the other survives.

    Had Voldemort ignored the prophecy nothing would have happened at all, no chosen one to challenge him.
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    Yes, that's another thing. If Voldemort had done nothing, the Prophecy never would've come true.

    Makes me wonder if this is true for all prophecies in the HP world, and if that's true it's wonder no one made the connection yet.