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    I agree. If nothing else, this establishes Mudd's penchant for exploiting android tech, which gets him into trouble by "I, Mudd". These Muddbots are basically Google-powered homonculi, programmed with a base set of memories extracted from the original and told to grovel, beg, and bargain fruitlessly long enough for Harry to get away in his awesome alien ship.

    When the de Milo's Captain revealed the scheme to the porcine bounty hunter, his attitude is not really that of scientific fascination, nor of tactical proactivity concerning a trailblazing new tech - he acts like we would if we found a crate full of Disney Hall of President puppets, or Tickle-Me Elmos that wouldn't shut up. In this context, I don't think the Muddbots are anything new to Federation technology.

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    Google-Powered Homunculi is my new band name. :rommie: