Happy Halloween

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Dar70, Oct 31, 2009.

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    With only a less than part time job, I just couldn't afford a lot of candy, so I got two bags only. Should have seen the look of disappointed kids in line -- about ten of them. What made it worse was they were almsot all black, while the white kids got there first and got the last of the candy. I can only hope the kids and parents understood I legitimately ran out.

    Costumes sucked, and very few kids actually said anything. I got in all black, with a black coat (cool outside), black mittens, and sat in a high chair flashing a flashlight on my face that had a red lense on it. These two teenage girls wouldn't come over and were laughing abotu it, so I took the long flashlight (about 13 inches tall) and beat it into my left hand menicingly. :p

    Pretty tame considering about ten years ago I used Elmer's glue mixed with skin-tone make-up and spread it on my hands and face, let it dry, cut it (carefully) with a razor blade, then made it jagged, used a black perminent marker to shade the wounds, and put fake blood dripping from them. The little kids were scared to coem over. I would chase them, and lick my wounds. Evil me. :D
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    I haven't dressed up in years. I'm hoping that tonight I might have a B5 marathon or something. I wasn't invited to any parties or anything like that so might as well.

    Oh, and Happy Halloween.
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    Jul 12, 2001

    I dont dress up as well. I just celebrate at home with some movies on tv. Have fun with your marathon.:techman:
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    We had a bunch of kids this year-close to 200!!! Last year that number doubled to 400! Most of them were cute..one kid did not wear a costume or anything and just said hello. I almost turned him away but knew he was only here for the candy. I was a little angry that he did not even have the decency to wear a costume or bring a bag to put his candy in. But most of the kids were really cute!
    Costumes that I found creative were: one girl dressed as Charlotte from "Charlotte's Web" with a web-halo going around her head that said "Some Pig", with a pet Wilbur on her arm. VERY CREATIVE!
    A girl dressed as a table top complete with glasses and plates. :D
    Two boys=one dressed as Scoobie doo and the other as Buzz Lightyear, complete with flashing lights. :D
    Another little girl dressed as Sleeping Beauty with glitter in her hair..just adorable!

    Most of the kids loved our dog and wanted to pet her. :D Some asked about a pink plant on the side of the house and wanted me to go figure out what kind of plant it was outside with them. :wtf: I stayed inside the house because don't trust anyone=those kids could have robbed me blind!!!

    All that banging and ringing on the doorbell got old really quick and gave me a headache by 7:30pm. I kept the doors open until 8:15pm and then turned out the lights. :D

    I'm just glad it's over..if I had a party to go to, however, that would be a different story.
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    May 6, 2006
    I've been handing out candy all night, dressed as a werewolf. But my mask makes it so I can barely see anyone, and my parents have the baseball game on so loud I have to sit next to the door to hear the kids coming. Oh well, still is fun, and I've been stealing candy from the bowl for a while now too. :D
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    Happy Halloween everyone.[​IMG] I spent hours in 90 degree heat getting the yard decorated for the trick or treaters. Only got about 6 groups (probably 15 kids). Some of the kids really seemed to like the decorations but it wasn't really worth all the effort.

    With the economy the way it is I can't believe that anyone gets angry if the kids have crappy or no costumes. They kind of have to depend on their parents for stuff like that and are probably lucky that they get to go trick or treating at all.
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    Nov 13, 2003
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    Had a good night so far. Me and a friend got a load of beer and food in, and started off by watching Ghostwatch, then watched Most Haunted Live for a few hours just taking the piss out of the crap on there, then watched Halloween and Halloween 2. Just about to finish off the night by watching Night of the Living Dead.

    Happy Halloween everyone! :evil:
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    He performed his Poe Tribute here at the Company Theater a few years ago. He was fantastic. I wish he'd come back, or release the show on DVD. :bolian:

    I've been dying to see Murders In The Zoo for a while. I love pre-Hays Hollywood. :D
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    Oct 31, 2004
    I just want to say I love flamingliberal's Halloween avatars, especially the latest one. :lol: