Hand Phasers - Clumsy or Very Smart?

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    Yeah, they don't even look much alike.

  2. mach7

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    Jan 2, 2012

    Well I sit corrected!

    And good one! :lol:
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    Thanks, Albertese. Good info. :bolian: Needless to say, I never bought the SKETCHBOOK.
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    Jan 2, 2012
    The sketchbook has lots of great, well sketches.

    Good info in it.
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    Speaking of the hand phaser, or phaser #1, it occurs to me that it was all but completely forgotten by season 3. I only recall seeing it for a second in Is There in Truth No Beauty, and even then, in the hands of a guest star. The big 3 didn't use, carry or refer to it at all to my recollection, in S3.

    It was a stock item in S1.
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    You're welcome, guys! Before I sound like I'm coming down too hard on FJ for his misrepresented phaser, I should point out that I love his work and consider him one of my personal heroes. Along with Matt Jefferies.

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    I know the phaser 1 had a trigger on the bottom off DST but its just the rubber button that the phaser 2 use for the sound contact. Going back to the subject perhaps starfleet had good marksman classes when it come to phaser training. Also starfleet only used phaser 1 and 2 as a defensive weapon phaser 1 could be Hidden from view so not appearing aggressive and dangerous when it came to first contact and diplomatic away missions.
  8. Mr. Adventure

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    Mr. Adventure
    They didn't generally aim the bigger ones did they? I guess I never paid much attention but it seemed like they always kind of fired them with the gun by their side then actually aiming them.
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    Phaser 1 is still an ergonomic mess. :)
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    Here's the only shot in the series I'm aware of where you can see how the phaser-2 is aimed using the phaser-1 sight. It's from The Man Trap, when Kirk stuns Dr. Crater.


    blssdwlf pointed it out on the board a little while back, over in this thread.
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    After all of these years I find that the "trigger threads" are still alive. The firing stud was indeed on the bottom and you held it by the side rails. You would raise the sight with the thumb wheel. On the actual hero props I think you operated the grain of wheat light by rotating the wheel all of the way forward. The sight would raise as you did this then zap.
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    Jan 5, 2005
    If practicing with the DST Phaser 1 counts, I agree.