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    Guys (this is the generic, non gender-specific usage), I don't normally do this but I was asked so I am.

    Everybody knows about the Haiti situation and everyone with a soul wishes they could do something about it.

    Mostly that translates into donations to relief orgs and I thought I'd bring one to your attention. They're called Operation USA. They've been around 30 years working all over Asia, Africa and central America.

    They are a small operation with nearly zero administration costs. This means about 97% of donated funds get to the people you want them to. They just did an airlift of meds and equipment to Haiti and are gearing up for another. I'm sure they'll be at it for the duration.

    If you're interested you can find them at http://opusa.org

    I know them personally and vouch for them being 100% reliable and above board.
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    I've already donated $30 to the Red Cross via the "90999" text route ($30 seems to be the max by this method), but was looking to help out further. Thanks Geoff!