GURPS Prime Directive 4th Edition - Revised Edition

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    Amarillo Design Bureau have, over the years, published a variety of tabletop role-playing games under the Prime Directive banner. These have used different game engines, such as GURPS and D20 Modern, though they are all set in the Star Fleet Universe (which they share with the likes of Star Fleet Battles, Federation Commander, and A Call to Arms: Star Fleet).

    Recently, ADB uploaded a major revision of the GURPS Prime Directive, 4th Edition core rulebook to Warehouse 23 and to DriveThruRPG; this new version is available in both a combined (365-page) volume, or in two separate volumes. A print edition should emerge in the near-to-mid future.

    To clarify, the "4th Edition" part means that this rulebook is designed to work with the fourth edition of Steve Jackson Games' GURPS role-playing system. The "Revised Edition" refers to this new 2019 incarnation which expands significantly upon the work done when GURPS Prime Directive, 4th Edition was originally published back in 2005.

    With a revision as in-depth as the one to be found here, I felt it warranted a discussion thread of its own, for anyone who may be so interested.

    I should note that I don't work for ADB, though I have had a number of items published by them at various points in time
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    Jean posted an edited version fixing all the little typos and whatnot that people have pointed out. It should be a free download for anyone who bought the early release.