Guess what Star Trek Novel I'm thinking of.

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    Greetings Trekkie's.:vulcan:

    A few years ago I read a Star Trek Novel that I really enjoyed and would like to share with others. The only problem is, I don't remember the title or name of the author. It was a public library book and they told me they don't keep records of the books I have already returned. You can call me stupid :shrug:for not remembering such an important detail if you like, but if possible, I would like to know if anyone on Trekbbs can identify the novel I am thinking of just by the description I am about to give here.

    The book is about time travel. It's about Scottie after he was brought to the Next Generation series. He finds a way to travel backward in time and save Captain Kirk from what he thought was his death but actually was just the day Captain Kirk entered the Nexus in the "Star Trek Generations" movie. He figured it would not disrupt the timeline in anyway if he just brought Captain Kirk back to the future with him. Everyone would still just think Kirk had died a hero if Scottie could beam him up to his cloaked ship a few seconds before the Nexus had taken him. Unfortunately, because captain kirk never enters the Nexus, he never saves Captain Picard in the future. Captain Picard never stops the Borg from traveling backward in time to earths past to kill the first humans who are meant to discover warp speed and make first contact with the Vulcans like in the movie "Star Trek First Contact". Therefore, as soon as he saves the captain the timeline changes and the Federation never existed!...:eek:
    Scottie and Kirk who are somehow outside of and unaffected by the change in the timeline, once made aware of the nexus, realize they must somehow get Captain Kirk to enter the nexus in order to restore the timeline but to do so they have got to get past the Borg.:borg:

    My memory of the book is very vague but I think that's the plot of the book. I wish I could remember more but I'm afraid its all just bits and pieces. I think Woopie Goldbergs character Guinen (please forgive me if I misspelled her name) appears in the book as well as Spock's father Serek. Somehow both these characters have sensed the change in the timeline especially Guinen.

    I really need to flip through the pages of that book again to refresh my memory;It's been too long since I read it. Can anyone who's read this Star Trek Novel please correct me if I have made any mistakes and/or just tell me the Title of this book as well as the author who wrote it?:beer:

    This is not the only star trek novel I need to remember but I'll talk about the other one once I find out about this one. Thank you in advance for your help. :techman:
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    WOW!!! That was a swift response! It only took you 10 minutes to respond.:wtf: This forum must be busier then I had imagined.:beer:

    Thank you tomswift2002, you live up to your name. That is indeed the Novel I was thinking of.:bolian:
    You win a free, all expenses paid vacation on the pleasure planet Risa!!!:drool:
    I recognized the books cover image right away. One thing I had forgotten was how much the Next Generation crew appears in it. It's coming back to me now:
    The Enterprise D fallows Scottie into that alternate timeline but arrives a few days after he has already altered it. The Borg has never encountered their tactics in this alternate timeline and are easily beaten by a strategy Picard had used on them in his first encounter. However the Borg quickly adapt to the enterprise's strategy.
    Thank you for playing "Guess what Star Trek Novel I'm thinking of!!!!":lol:
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    The second Star Trek Novel I'm thinking of is going to be much harder to guess.:vulcan:
    It's a short book for younger readers. I read it when I was a young teenager. I do not remember the Title or name of the author. :brickwall:
    It's main character is Pavel Chekov.
    The only thing I remember about this book is that Pavel Chekov is obsessed with being more like Captain Kirk. He remembers seeing Captain Kirk in the training room practicing a move where he throws his phaser behind him and then jumps backwards to the exact spot he threw the phaser, retrieving and aiming it in just a few seconds.
    Pavel Chekov has been rehearsing this move and in the climax of the book his training pays off when he confronts the enemy who tells him to throw down his weapon or ells he will do something- I can't remember what.
    I know that sounds kind of like a cheesy storyline but its for younger readers and I'm sure there is more to the book then I remember. :rofl:So, if any Trekkie's in this forum have had the opportunity to read this book or have a good idea which book I'm talking about. Please post the answer here as well as any details I have forgotten about the book that are worth mentioning. The correct answer will win what's behind door number 2!!:lol: Thanks again in advance.:techman:
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    IIRC, that was The Lost Years: Traitor Winds by L.A. Graf.
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    I don't remember Traitor Winds well enough to know, but two sentences into that description, I decided it had to be an L. A. Graf novel.
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    Yup, deffo Traitor Winds. My favourite Lost Years book by far. Not particularly short or aimed at younger readers though

    Uhura's obsessed with food.

    obsessed I say
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    Indeed, you are all correct!:bolian:

    The book I read over a decade ago was in fact Traitor Winds (Star Trek, The Lost Years Saga) by L.A. Graf.

    Tell them what's behind door number 2!!...:D

    You win a free trip to...

    The planet Ferenginar!!!!!:wtf:

    There is where you will dine on Slug Liver and Spore Pie!:drool::barf:
    And view a short Timeshare seminar you are contractually obligated to attend.:confused:
    I'm also being told by the Ferengi Commerce Authority that some of there Females are even starting to wear clothes like those perverted Hew-mons and are exceptional at Oo-mox!!:alienblush:

    All kidding aside-:rofl:
    I recognized the Book Cover but I still wasn't sure until I skimmed through the E-Book and found the part about Checkov practicing with a phaser. I continued to read the rest of the book and came to realize just how much I had forgotten about the book. I barely recognized anything except for the part about someone planting an explosive device on Leonard McCoy that blows up when he meets with Uhura. If you want to find out if they survived just read the book!
    This book is more then just about Chekov though his parts in the book do seem to be the most suspenseful and introspective.
    The only main charecter missing in this story from the original series is Spock. Everyone ells is there even Nurse Chapel and M,benga.
    This is not a story for just young readers like I had originally posted. I had simply forgotten the entire plot of the story and all the conspiracy,intrigue,violence and death within. Its funny what the mind chooses to remember!:vulcan:
    One funny thing about this book that I noticed was that everyone tends to snort like animals when they talk. Is this the writing style of all L.A. Graf Novels or is this just a distinctive characteristic of this one book? :wtf:Read the book if you don't believe me! No one can take a breath in this book without snorting! Maybe this is just the writers strange sense of humor or maybe this is their way of saying these characters are no different from pigs and horses.:rofl:
    Maybe this is what one reviewer was referring to when he said that some of the scenes take on a surreal, impressionistic feel.:rolleyes:
    In any case its a most entertaining read that I recommend to fans of STOS.:techman:
    I Thank you for your help.
    Now go enjoy your vacation on Ferenginar!:beer::techman:
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    :lol: Thank you to tomswift2002 and Christopher for upholding the honour of the Trek Lit forum and recognising both of those novels right way :D