Greenwood: Why Mum?s The Word

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    Star Trek‘s Bruce Greenwood explained why the actors are obliged to keep all details about Star Trek into Darkness under wraps. The actor joked about it in a recent interview promoting his new film Flight. “I get to tell you absolutely anything,” he said when asked if he talk about Star Trek into Darkness. “J.J. [...]

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    Good answer. Although spoilers are inevitable, I would prefer not knowing anything until I watch the film for myself. Although I would prefer to wait until the crowds die down a bit, I expect to be seeing this opening night just to help in preventing spoilers.
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    King Daniel Beyond
    I do hope Pikey's out of his wheelchair in Into Darkness.
  4. newtontomato539

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    Pike must be in a green mech.

    "I'm the jolly green giant. Ho ho ho ho. No more f*ck ups!"

    Anyway, I don't want to know anything.

    It's called a surprise for a reason.
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    I am glad that so little has come out about this one. I just can't stay away from spoilers and peeks.

    It helps those of us with zero spoiler will power.
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    No spoilers is fine by me. Pity a good chunk of it will get spoiled anyway when the trailers and endless TV spots start up.
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    I am seriusly curious what if the movie will tie in with the Archon comic.
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    I don't like to see TV previews for a show I'm going to watch anyway, and I don't read the dust jacket of a book I'm going to read anyway.

    However, I'm sure I will see the trailer for this movie, and just hope it does NOT tell me anything important about the story.
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    Because Dud isn't :D
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    I know I'm necroposting this, too! Pike is awesome.