Good things in disappointing episodes...

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    Someone had this idea in another thread, but they haven't followed up on it. So here we go.

    Can you cite something you liked in an episode you otherwise found disappointing? It could be a scene, a character moment or even an idea or element in the show---whatever occurs to you.

    I am not at all fond of "And The Children Shall Lead." Still, I like the idea of the story and it does have a couple of good moments. One is quite chilling when Kirk and Spock realize they've just beamed two security guards out into open space while the ship is in warp. It's a pretty dark moment. The other scene is the discussion between Kirk and Spock (in Kirk's quarters) about the stories of Triacus and of a legend of an evil sent marauding across the galaxy. It just has a vibe to it I like. Both moments really enhance the idea this story could have been a good story to really creep you out.

    Just too bad the rest of the episode wasn't executed as well. As is it creeps you out on a whole other level and not a pleasant one. :lol:
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    I've got to go with what the TC in that other topic mentioned in their first post.

    I never cared for the episode "Tomorrow is Yesterday" but I actually loved that female computer personality. Those scenes were the high point of the episode for me.

    I think I still have a novel that takes place right after that with the computer personality still there.
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    Funny, my first thought was "And the Children Shall Lead" as well :) It is the episode that gives us the UFP-Banner, to me always the only reason to watch it again.

    In "SpockĀ“s Brain" I really like the scene on the bridge, where they discuss which planet to go to. AND they used a "real" viewscreen for the very first time - it added a whole new sense of realism to the bridge, IMO.

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    Charlene Masters in "The Alternative Factor".
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    I like the destruct-sequence ... er, sequence in "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield." Interestingly directed with the close-ups, good tension, and a nice glimpse into that aspect of the Enterprise's programming. Rest of the episode-- bleah.

    Also, though I generally dislike "That Which Survives," I love the scene where Engineer Watkins meets his doom. Instead of just standing there mesmerized like a big dope (the way people on TV usually do before their horrible screaming deaths), Watkins has the presence of mind to think of the safety of the ship and yell out, "Mr. Scott, there's a strange woman who knows the entire plan of the Enterprise--AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!"
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    Really in every single episode there is some redeeming factor to me. With my obsession with the sets and props; there seems to be some tidbit of new information; even in the worst episodes. "And the Children Shall Lead" is no different giving us many unique views of the bridge. "The Alternative Factor" was mentioned which has the dilithium crystal regeneration room in the engineering section and that cool view of the Enterprise from underneath firing phasers. "Spocks Brain" in addition to the cool views of the front of the bridge also has great prop shots of the communicators all layed out together. I could go on and on but to me in every episode there is something of interest.
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    Way back when I was doing my project of cataloguing minor Enterprise crewmembers and their actors I really enjoyed And the Children Shall Lead for giving us nice clear views of Jay Jones, Dick Dial and Paul Baxley.
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    That was me but I just didn't have the time to make it. I am glad you liked the idea. :)

    * Who Mours for Adonais: Okay not necessarily the worst episode but I wouldn't call it the best. However I love the scene of Uhura fixing the communication system and Spock praising her abilities. It is probably my favorite Uhura scene.

    * The Gamesters of Triskelion- I think this episode's plot is pretty awful but I do love the B-storyline scenes with Scotty, Spock, and McCoy.

    * Plato's Stepchildren: This episode is too over the top with its "torture scenes" but I do like Alexander (maybe my favorite guest character) and the moments when Kirk, McCoy, & Spock are discussing their emotions of hatred for the Platonians.

    * Omega Glory- One of my absolute least favorite episodes but I love the scene when McCoy defends Spock when they say he has no heart so he must be evil.
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    Every Star Trek TOS episode has at least one or two great parts. I'll list a few at a later date.