Getting back to watching Dr. Who

Discussion in 'Doctor Who' started by kirk55555, Nov 16, 2013.

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    Thats interesting. I heard they did some audio dramas with him, its cool that they mention people from that.
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    ^ It should also be noted that those Big Finish 8th Doctor audio adventures with McGann are really good. If you like Eight, you might want to try some of those out at some point. It's like several seasons of 8th Doctor TV adventures, just without the visuals. :)
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    Yep. And, they do help elevate the Eighth Doctor to one worthy of his peers. I thought the Doctor in Night of the Doctor resembled his Big Finish development greatly, and it was great to actually see act the part the way he would've had if this had been an audio story as well.

    As for the seasons... Basically, its six seasons in the Main Range, and then there's his Eighth Doctor Adventures that run for practically four seasons, and then there's Dark Eyes, which I count as an on-going seasons, with the next three parts of it to be released in the following years.