George Takei and Second Two of TOS

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    However, the report that I have heard from multiple sources is that Doohan and Shatner did finally manage to patch things up sometime before Doohan's death. Shatner says he began to make some attempts to repair some previously burned bridges while they were shooting Generations, and I believe both Shatner and Doohan's widow have said that they patched things up between them prior to his death.

    There may very well have been some legitimate issues between Shatner and other cast members at the time of the original series. However, based on everything I have read, my gut tells me that they were not nearly as serious as made out to be. And I get the distinct feeling that as far as Shatner is concerned, all of that is ancient history. But some of his co-stars, Takei in particular, have made it part of their careers to bash Shatner, and seem uninterested in burying the hatchet, so to speak.
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    I'm talking about the post TOS/TAS/movie years, when Doohan on the convention trail meant trashing Shatner like a man on a mission.

    True. Takei is a walking sideshow because of his inability to let it go, and contrary to his own view on the matter, it is not entertaining to trash another man for decades.
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    Yes that goes through agents. Stuff like contract negotiation is exactly what the agent is for!
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    Maybe Takei is hopelessly in love with Shatner, and being a bitchy little girl* is how he deals with it. No? Oh, well. It was worth a shot. :lol:

    *Sam Axe, Burn Notice
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    Shatner and Nimoy also shared the same age (birthdates within days of one another) as well a similar ethnic/cultural background; both being second generation Jewish-Americans (or Jewish-Canadian in Shatner's case) who grew up in the northeast (Montreal and Boston).