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    I should preface this by saying that I'm watching through TCW. I never watched it before, but recently downloaded it off iTunes and really got into it. So it's all new to me as I go through it.

    I've gone thru seasons 1, 2 and 3 and now am progressing through season 4.

    I've just come across the nasty piece of work known as Pong Krell.


    I have never before encountered a SW character (in movies, games, books et al) that made me absolutely hate and loathe them quite like this bastard.

    There are some characters who are just annoying. Jar Jar being the greatest example.

    There are also characters, villains, who have done ostensibly much more evil things.... Vader butchering the kids in ROTS, Tarkin blowing up Alderran, Palpatine planning and running the whole thing... but none of that made me feel anger of the kind that would make you want to yell at the screen.

    But Krell... that.. that monster.

    A superbly villainous villain, I guess. If watching his onscreen behaviour makes you mad, he must be some kinda success as a bad guy.