Gallerian vessel (WIP)

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    Jun 30, 2008
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    The Gallerian Resistance Cruiser eCnaT|sisER E'de!cIp is a vessel I designed a while a go for my Fanfiction-people Gallerians.

    They are an insecto-humanoid (much like Xindi-Insectoid) species, enslaved by the Romulans. My fanfiction (Star Trek:Generation 3, I know it sounds like the collaborative but it's a different one on Memory Gamma) is all about a war against the Romulans (and then exploring what was Romulan territory).

    Actually I designed it as the Enterprise-G, but then I thought it looked to alien. And here it is, the eCnaT|sisER E'de!cIp:


    And in a Warp field:


    It's Jolanion Emmision Shields: