Fun poll Greatest tv character ever created?

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  1. Al Bundy

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  2. Charlie Harper

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  3. Other___________________. (specify)

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    ^Hey, do bears bare? do bees be?
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    LOL Krycek hated by women, great joke :rommie:

    It's pretty hard to answer the question without a very widely conducted poll, don't you think so? I could, for instance, only tell you which characters I can't stand; now, whether the majority of women share my opinion, I wouldn't know, or whether many men like them.

    But for starters, I couldn't stand the guys from Men Behaving Badly (UK version - never seen the US one) who are supposed to be disgusting jerks and funny for it; but I found them so unlikeable and pathetic I just couldn't keep watching. However, I knew a few men who adored that show. Which is kinda ironic, since those characters are offensive stereotypes of what straight men are supposed to be like. Yet straight men seem to enjoy that type of show the most. It's like women enjoying the portrayal of women as stupid, shallow, materialistic bimbos who scream all the time. :shrug: