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Discussion in 'Web Sites/Design' started by Arpy, Sep 25, 2019.

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    hi, I’m completely new to web everything, and I’m looking for a recommendation to a free website host to create a Trek fan page.

    I see some useful links above but the two I followed ultimately asked for money to buy a domain name. Is there anything completely free?


    EDIT: Also, I’m basically a Luddite, so the easier to use the better... Thanks, again!
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    Just build something on

    For the record, you're never going to get a domain name and hosting / DNS registry for free. If you want a URL like or whatever, you're going to be out ten bucks for the domain registration and $50-ish for hosting. Wix and are really your only "free" options.
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    I have used in the past to create a free website on American history. Though the website looks good in terms of design, it lacks the plugin features that are readily available in Wordpress. I would advice you to use Wordpress, and in case you need to create pages that are design heavy, you could make them on Sunny Landing pages and import them to Wordpress.
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    So unteresting
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    It depends on the format you want to create the website or webpage.

    --I think if your page is going to be text-only, you could make a webforum on Ezboard,
    or a derivative of Ezboard if it's no longer available.
    --A webpage w/ images would be require a more significant amount of attention,
    from the host server administrators, and I would recommend doing a search on
    Altavista to get current results for a webhost.
    --A website to host video on a fansite for free is extremely uncommon...
    AFAIK (As far as I know,)
    I can't make any legit recommendation for posting videos on the internet.
    I just wouldn't recommend posting videos on the internet. It requires too much
    attention from server host administrators to verify
    that they'll be able to display the video indefinitely.
    --"Completely free" on the internet means basically use Internet Relay Chat (IRC).
    I'm absolutely certain you could find an IRC server and channel to talk there.

    The price of getting a server to host the page is proportional to the amount of
    attention it takes the administrators
    to verify what audience the content is appropriate for.

    • Text = "free"
    • Image = free w/ advertisements
    • Video = pricy, at the very least, the host will profiteer off of a video upload
    • Internet Relay Chat (IRC) = text-based chat, others are allowed to respond in kind
    Lastly, if your fanpage is meant to host Trek-inspired music or ST song covers,
    I'd highly recommend changing it to a professional format instead'a a fansite.
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    You can get free hosting or even an instanced server on the Oracle Cloud, supposedly for life (We'll see how that goes) but you'll still have to pay to register the domain. Oracle is flagging behind the other cloud services and is basically giving away the shop right now to get a little interest going.

    I have my family's minecraft server running on there at the moment.