Fragment and Pandemonium (Novels)

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    Dec 7, 1999
    Has anyone else read these books? I just finished Pandemonium. Both books were absolute page turners and totally engrossing stories. Without going into spoilers the books deal with hyper-evolved critters in isolated environments. So it's like Jurassic Park with bizarre alien-like predators.

    Fragment came out back in 2009, and while it suffers a little from "first book" syndrome, it was a very good read and there's a plot twist about 2/3 of the way through that totally blows the story open and makes it absolutely irresistible! I really hope both of these books get made into movies because they would be amazing.

    As much as I liked the first book, having a book starring Hender was absolutely fascinating and I loved getting to see more of his species and their history and personalities. I loved that the story centered around the conflict between Hender and Kuzu. It's so amazing to think that these guys are several thousands of years old, and I was particularly taken with the fact that at one point they had a religious war that nearly wiped out their species.

    I was also fascinated by the concept of a vast underground city built by Soviet Russia. What an amazing visual! I was a little disappointed that the story ended up being about henders species getting loose in this city, though. The new Pandemonium species immediately took a back seat to the old critters. Why bother introducing this vast new group when you immediately forget about them in favor of the old ones? Seems like there were two books worth of stories in here; one about Hender and Kuzu and henders species returning, and another about Pandemonium.