Finally saw Star Trek: Into Darkness

Discussion in 'Star Trek Movies: Kelvin Universe' started by Captain Nebula, Sep 20, 2013.

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  1. Captain Nebula

    Captain Nebula Lieutenant Commander Red Shirt

    Feb 12, 2010
    What the #^@% was everyone complaining about?

    That was a fun movie.

    Much better than Nemesis or Insurrection. Definitely not the worst Star Trek movie.

    And people complained about Alive Eve in here undies for a second and a half? Really?

    Everybody's a critic, I guess.

    But I see why Simon Pegg told everyone who didn't like it to F Off.
  2. Bry_Sinclair

    Bry_Sinclair Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Sep 28, 2009
    The glorious Shetland Isles!
    That's probably because they took the script for one of the most liked Trek film, youthinised the characters, stripped one to her skivvies, added supertransporters and lense flares, then repackaged it as a new film.
  3. Amaris

    Amaris Abiding Eos Premium Member

    Dec 25, 2002
    United States
    Nah, that's not it.
  4. Tosk

    Tosk Vice Admiral Admiral

    Jan 7, 2001
    On the run.
    This deserves a new thread?

    Including you. :)
  5. King Daniel Beyond

    King Daniel Beyond Admiral Admiral

    Nov 5, 2008
    King Daniel Beyond
    One scene, arrived through via different means, does not equal a whole script. I actually couldn't see how they could have told a Khan story any less like Space Seed or Wrath of Khan, while keeping their alternate reality premise intact.
  6. BillJ

    BillJ Fleet Admiral Admiral

    Jan 30, 2001
    We'll pretend for a moment that you're absolutely 100% right (which you aren't as anyone who doesn't have an ax to grind knows).

    You and others seem to leave out one key point: those elements came from a movie made thirty-plus years ago. The audience that Into Darkness was aimed at wasn't even alive. They aren't all Trek obsessed and seen The Wrath of Khan fifty times and can quote it line-by-line.
  7. Set Harth

    Set Harth Vice Admiral Admiral

    Mar 10, 2010
    They also ripped off TSFS and TUC, let's not forget.
  8. Opus

    Opus Commodore Commodore

    Jun 20, 2003
    Bloom County
    Wait! STiD was a remake?

    That means 'The Dark Knight' was a remake of 1989's 'Batman' because it had The Joker in it!

    Damn you, Hollywood!
  9. ComicGuy89

    ComicGuy89 Lieutenant Commander Red Shirt

    Aug 8, 2013
    Not only did it have the Joker, it had a climatic battle at a high, elevated place that Batman has to fight his way to, right after the Joker conducts some social experiment. Also, the Joker's defeat involves a grappling hook and hanging over a ledge.
  10. Franklin

    Franklin Vice Admiral Admiral

    Aug 22, 2006
    Of course STID was a remake of TWOK. It's so obvious! Do I have to point it out detail for detail? OK, then:

    -- TWOK: Kirk is 50-something, lamenting old age and questioning his confidence. STID: Kirk is 20-something and too cock-sure of himself.
    -- TWOK: Spock has no real character issues. STID: Spock is full of issues.
    -- TWOK: No Spock-Uhura relationship. STID: Spock-Uhura relationship.
    -- TWOK: Khan is stranded on a hostile planet with the rest of his people. STID: Khan is essentially forced labor on Earth for Section 31 in order to keep his people alive.
    -- TWOK: Carol Marcus is a molecular biologist. STID: Carol Marcus is a physicist and weapons specialist.
    -- TWOK: Khan is obsessed with revenge against Kirk at any cost. STID: Khan is obsessed with freeing his people at any cost.
    -- TWOK: Saavik is a major character. STID: No Saavik.
    -- TWOK: Genesis device. STID: No Genesis device.
    -- TWOK: Spock faces a no-win situation. STID: Kirk faces a no-win situation.
    -- TWOK: No Admiral Marcus. STID: Admiral Marcus drives most of the conflict.
    -- TWOK: Chekov has moved on in his career and is first officer on another ship. STID: Chekov becomes chief engineer on board the Enterprise.
    -- TWOK: Kirk has a son. STID: Kirk has no son.
    -- TWOK: No Pike. STID: Pike.
    -- TWOK: Khan and Kirk never meet. STID: Khan and Kirk not only meet, they work together.
    -- TWOK: Was about obsession (Khan with revenge), age, on-going friendship, death. STID: Was about maturing, growing friendship, obsession (Marcus with war), death.

    There's probably more, but I think that's enough to convince anyone that STID was unoriginal and a complete rip-off of TWOK. :rolleyes:
  11. Ln X

    Ln X Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Jul 1, 2011
    The great gig in the sky
    Let's be fair here. Some Trekkies have an axe to grind against STID for whatever reason, and some Trekkies have an axe to grind against those Trekkies who did not enjoy STID. I take it from your tone that you exist in the latter group?

    Now STID did take some portions of TWOK and rearrange them, and the final product did not add to up to much in the eyes of some Trekkies and fans. So I can understand Bry_Sinclair's issues with STID.

    I like remakes if they're good and the DK totally nailed it primarily because of the Joker. The DK is a little messy with the plot and two scenes are really laughable (Harvey disarming a witness with a gun in court, and the people in those boats deliberating over whether to activate the detonator) but you overlooked that because of the Joker. He was a character you just wanted to see MOAR of!

    But without the Joker the Dark Knight would have been a pretty average movie, so the line between average and greatness is very thin indeed.
  12. Hober Mallow

    Hober Mallow Commodore Commodore

  13. Bry_Sinclair

    Bry_Sinclair Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Sep 28, 2009
    The glorious Shetland Isles!
    I'm trying to keep an open mind about NuTrek (in fact, I really want to like it), so I purposefully never read up plot points on the film before I go and see it, so I was still wondering if Cumberbatch was Khan/Mitchell/someone else.

    When the film started and he was Harrison, a man with a mystery, great resources and a superb intellect, I quite liked it (the first few minutes on the planet/under water not withstanding). But when he states that he was Khan, I honestly groaned in despair in the cinema (got a few odd looks from those near me). I found that the quality of the film went downhill from that point.

    With NuTrek, some of the things to do well they do very well, but then there are just lots of other things that bug me about it--don't get me wrong other Trek series and films also have annoying elements--as they're trying to make it essentially a reboot of the franchise, but they're just rehashing lots of things previously done, rather than having a fresh start and doing something really interesting.

    I'm still debating whether or not to get the DVD.
  14. M'Sharak

    M'Sharak Definitely Herbert. Maybe. Moderator

    Aug 22, 2002
    Terra Inlandia
    Since the post is obvious ax-grinding and nothing else, why acknowledge it at all? Responding in kind tends to lead to something like this...

    Which then leads to something like this...

    And from there it almost certainly devolves into back-and-forth sniping.

    Don't bother responding to posts which do no more than harp on the same complaint already made dozens of times before—the discussion gains nothing from it—and especially don't make it about other fans.

    The opening post could as easily have gone in the pinned Grading & Discussion thread but, judging by the way things have gone down the tubes so quickly, it's probably just as well it didn't. Thread closed.
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