Fifth Season is Final Season

Honestly I thought Trek would be gone for another couple decades after Enterprise
Same here. I wish the old ENT threads from the show's first run were still available because man, I can stress enough how burned out existing fans were by the end of that show. That we had five shows running nearly back-to-back in 2022 was something nine if us could fathom in 2005 when the creatives were struggling with making even one show.

If they can't make it work out to bring back Lower Decks with McMahan's schedule... Prodigy is right there. But in an ideal world:

Having finished Product an hour ago, that show has pulled off some things I did not think possible, like making me care about Chakotay or certain events tired to Picard without getting to specific. They deserve Emmys AND a third season.

Putting that aside, since LD is cancelled, id absolutely love it if we got a season 3 and the kids get to spend time with Tendi and Rutherford. Their enthusiasm would be a great fit for this series, plus I think they'd be able to hold their shit together around Janeway a bit better than Mariner or especially Boimler would ;)