FedCon 2014, Star Trek Phase II and Axanar Panel Videos

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    As I recall from the conversation we had, Carlos said he turned the TNG script into a Phase II script, then Gerrold took it back and made it a two-parter. That's my recollection, anyway, and I don't know if any other writers got involved.

    Sadly, you can see that happening even to people in this thread. One can call people on the carpet for their decisions or their work, but making it personal is unnecessary.

    I don't want to hash over that script again (we've done it before and elsewhere), other than to say I don't know how much is whose doing in B&F, but the script as filmed would fail the beat-sheet test hands down.
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    We are considering making downloadable versions available, if there is enough interest.

    We have however, recently started a Vimeo channel and these videos can be seen there, too. Perhaps Vimeo will stream better for you, please let us know.




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    I cannot wait for Star Trek: Axanar. It's looking very good.