Contest: ENTER February/March 2020 challenge - Friends and Foils

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    The winner of the last contest, @SLWatson, is currently swept up with irl stuff but told me the new challenge theme so I'll do the thread this time.

    This challenge's theme is:
    Friends and Foils: There are some great friendships in various Trek canons and Expanded Universes. Write a new story or share an older story about a time when one friend acted as a foil to another; could be in a good way -- stopping them doing something they'd regret! -- or in a not-as-good way -- accidentally or purposefully sabotaging a promotion, date, whatever else. Most importantly, have fun!

    Write as many or few words as you like.

    The deadline is March 27, at about midnight CET, but if there's a need for a bit more time you can say so in this thread.
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