Favorite Contemporary Fantasy characters - TV and Books

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    I've mentioned several times before on here how I've absolutely fallen in love with the Urban/Contemporary Fantasy genre, and of my favorite elements of these stories is the great characters that alot of them have had. So I thought it might be interesting to see who some of the other posters on here's favorite heroes from Contempary Fantasy books and TV series are.
    Harry Dresden - The Dresden Files
    Bob - TDF
    Harry Potter - Harry Potter
    Rubeus Hagrid - HP
    Sirius Black - HP
    Rachel Morgan - The Hollows
    Jenks - TH
    Kate Daniels - Kate Daniels (I never realized how many of these series are named after their main character :rommie:)

    Bo - Lost Girl
    Kensi - LG
    Trick - LG
    The Winchester Brothers -Supernatural
    Pretty much the whole casts of Buffy & Angel
    Mitchel, George & Annie - Being Human UK
    Damon Salvatore - The Vampire Diaries