Favorite Captain?

Your favorite Captain?

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The Captain who started it all, naturally, James T. Kirk. I gave a runner up vote to Captain Sisko. He reminds me a lot of a former CO who I respected.

Archer was crippled by Scott Bakula's bad acting.

I used to pick on Bakula quite a bit. But when the material improved, so did the character.

It was the writing of Archer more than Bakula I think. He's very good at dark, tortured characters that give him something meaty to work with and play against type. Early Archer was written as too easy-going, almost light comedy.
Kirk. But Sisko is a close second.

As for the rest, I have no major issues with Archer, and like Scott Bakula as an actor. I like Kate Mulgrew as an actor, but Janeway had major issues. And I like Picard when he's not being self-righteous and lecturing people to death.
1. Kirk
2. Picard

Would have also voted for Pike and even nu-Pike if they were included. If we want to get really nitpicky, Sulu, Spock, Scotty and Riker were all captains too. You could even add Jellico, he briefly commanded the D, of course, and Harriman the B.

I like all of the choices, with the exception of nu-Kirk, but they can't all be favorites.
The Sisko is the best, he fought the dominion while fulfilling his duties as commander of DS9 station and being the emissary. Not to mention i thought his family dynamics with Jake and his dad were pretty good as well.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard!

Sir Patrick Stewart actively kept himself in shape, physically. He could've probably even handled his own stunts, if that was an option, at all. Talent-wise, he led the pack and showed the way that the rest of STAR TREK, ever after would have to match.
I loved Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap. ;)

I admired Sisko. :techman:

I loved Picard. :bolian:

I truly loved Kirk. :drool:

But I adored, simply adored Captain Kathryn Janeway! :adore:

Picard for sure. TNG was my introduction to Trek. If it had been anyone other, I may not have the interest in the franchise I do now.
Saw this meme on tumblr a few weeks ago. I just found it again and I had to share.




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Despite voting for him, I'm surprised to see Picard in the lead. Also surprised to see nuKirk behind Archer...
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